Tempo for Soccer

What’s a good protocol(ex.)for soccer in 6-8 weeks?
In Preseason every 4-5 day Is better jog(20 minutes) or 200 mt(at 70% of Intensity) with 100 mt of walking(rest between reps)?And in season in day after match?

davids i would highly recommend doing turnabout 50’s.jogging is boring and lifeless.tempo 200’s would be too long for the event.

keep the distances short as in under 80m.its great to see soccor players focusing on recovery rather than slooging it out every day.with understanding the system it will improve your performances

…but is Ok (with always Intensity 70%???)this Cycling in PresEason?

week1.–60mtx 3 reps-Intensity 70%(?)(rest:50-60mt walk)

w2-60mtx2 80mtx2 (rest 100mt walk)


w4-unloading-idem week1

w5-80mtx3(rest 100mt walk) ecc…

I think backward slant running like NHL athletes do (on their skates of course) would be a nice change for soccer since a small percent (still significant) is played moving back from the side.

Try trianglular running, this is nothing amazing, but it can help add a little “edge” to your program by preparing the body for the different loading.

For ‘Tempo’ for soccer training you can use a interval or fartlek - type approach, and as the guys suggest you can use shorter distances.
I would reccomend anything under 100m.
As Xman says use distances that you will encounter in your sport, but I also think it is good occasionally to work up to 80 or 100m at a nice Tempo pace.

While I would have originally said before to try ‘changing direction’ or agility drills in the tempo workout, Charlie has reccomended against this and to keep the agility-type work to Agility only.
So I only do agility in Speed or Agility work.
I think it makes more sense too - use Tempo on the non-speed days for the recovery and aerobic conditioning.

Clemson makes a good point also - running backwards can be a very valuable skill during game situations, and can be used for variety.

Xman - what exactly do you mean by turnabout 50’s - I probably know them by another name.

23 its simply 50s with a short break.turn-around,brief walk-go again.good for tempo and great for endurance.


…session (hard)of speed/acceleration or session of endurance in Preseason.
And 1 day after meet of soccer in season?
And if ther’is Doms?