Tempo for kids

I would like to ask you about doing tempo work with kids… What is your opinion? I mean kids the age of 13 and up… Of course tempo like 70% and less of their maximum for that given distanc. Is it useful for them or it should be focused more on technique work only? Thanx for any advices…

Certainly - just make it fun. Like games.

Age 13 and up is 8th grade through High School years…

Just saying…

ESTI is the man to ask about tempo for young people. He has really great ideas on how to change things up once in a while.

I would think distances between 50-100m would be appropriate for 13 year olds. Intensity and total volumes aside, that would be likely be enough (along with mid-section circuits, etc.) to challenge their general fitness levels while they are able to achieve/maintain good posture and relaxation-no struggling. When you are a beginner, a little will go a long way esp. with regards to total volumes.

If you have a squad you could divide them up into three groups of roughly equal ability and run back-to-backs i.e. group A runs down the field, when they cross the line group B run back up, then group C stride down again before group A start the sequence rolling again. I’ve gone up to 2x6x85m with 13-14 year olds on this with 3 mins between sets. Just remember the old caveat about pace.

You could also do diagonals if you are using a grass pitch. Run diagonal, walk behind goal between runs, so next diagonal run criss-crosses path of last one. Walk side length of pitch between sets.

Most of group 15-17 now so a couple of nights ago we did 5x3 runs over the same 85m strip of grass with press ups after first run in each set, abs after second run in each set and walk back recovery after third run. Followed by modified med ball circuit (circles aound the body, circuit around the head, v-sit side to sides, donkey kicks, side kicks, circles around the body, circuit around the head, v-sit and pass). Then some hurdle mobility drills.