tempo for conditioning

CF do you think tempo runs on the high end is enough to condition fb athletes?


Do you use them as “conditioning” (whatever that is :slight_smile:

We performed 100 yd. tempo runs this past summer 1x week - day following ME squat variation day - and had great results. We simply walked the rest though; no other activity in between…

I also started playing around with using them as a “quarter” in our metabolic conditioning days as the summer progressed, but I’m still undecided as to whether I was training the right qualities as that time while doing them…

What are your guys doing?

i dont use tempo much with my team sport athletes, im old school when it comes to conditioning my team sports athletes (its proven and i know it works).

What are you using in place of tempo and for what purpose?

Extensive tempo (at or below 75% max timed performance) is very effective and complimentary to power activities, enhancing recovery, etc.

interval sprints
the list can go on.

the purpose is conditioning and mental toughness, my players think the 26x110 workout give them the edge every week and counts for at least 2 wins per year. Winter we focus on speed and such but summer is geared towards conditioning and maintaining our speed.

my players have the weekends to recovery. :slight_smile:

In conjunction with small sided games it will do the job.

(He’s referring to soccer.)

Gassers are much higher in intensity than tempo runs.

Tempo should be fine for Football.

For soccer, tempo is not as big an issue as most of their work is low intensity - the problem there is that it is mostly poor quality waste of time.

im talking about american football.

i agree that gassers may be a higher intenstiy then tempo depending when you perform them.

one of the most successful programs my team has perform during summer conditioning had a lil distance running for 2 weeks, > then timed laps > 200’s>110’s, speed/agility/plyos/gassers were done on mon/thur. during winter the focus was on strength, power, and speed - lift 4x and 2xspeed days.

How do you monitor training intensity? How far do you push your athletes?

I heard long-time Kansas strength coach, Fred Roll, talk at a seminar once. He said something pretty profound to me. He said that in all his years of training athletes, he’d never been able to “break one down” physically.

He wasn’t referring to running an athlete into the ground. He was talking about running down an athlete from the prescription of “x” amount of volume and intensity. He basically said push them and push them hard. When they look like they’re getting there, push them a little more.

Fred was all about building work capacity, and obviously some mental toughness as well. I like to think that this is also my training style. We hang our hats on our conditioning level and how hard we train year-round, and that really gives us a mental edge in most of our sports, especially football.

Bottom line, I rarely have to worry about one of my athletes working too intensely. Don’t misunderstand me though; I’m a big believer in rest and recovery when it’s warranted. I’m just not sold on the whole pampering-the-CNS trend we’re seeing these days.

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