tempo and 2 mile timed run

To what degree will tempo runs improve times in a timed two mile? The reason I ask is many college programs use this as a preseason fitness assessment. I know this isn’t the best way to assess fitness for soccer, but thats how it is at many schools.

How good of a 2mile are we talking? You will likely improve, esp. if you are doing higher volumes, but if you want to train specifically for the test then you will probably need to do something different.

under 12 minutes, hopefully something around 11:30-11:40ish

I think if he perform the runs on the higher end (75%) and high volume (3000-5000m) I think they could improve his 2mile runs.

Exactly. What I mean is that you won’t maximize your potential on the test (if that is his main goal) if you do only tempo, but I think he can definitely get his goal off of high volume tempo (under 12mins isn’t incredibly tough if you are light and doing tons of tempo).

well the goal is to be as fit as possible for soccer while continuing to improve accel/speed with HI days of sprints/mb throws/jumps/weights, and pass the fitness test. Other than a high total volume, is there anything specifically regarding the tempo workout (longer distances, bodyweight exercises between sets, etc.) that will have the greatest positive affect on 2 mile timed run.

Int tempo…

elaborate… I understand what intensive tempo is but can you go further into its application and what not. From nearly everything I have heard on this forum intensive tempo is not the way to go.

Not if your looking to build up speed reserve, but if you want to build work capacity then I would have to argue that. Your body adapts to what it’s told to do and therefore doing intensive tempo (with proper recovery, which I can’t stress enough) will help.

Of course, regular tempo over a longer period of time will still work. You just run more risk of overloading your system with intensive tempo.

How do you suggest implementing intensive tempo, if one were to use it as part of their training?

Intervals improve distance work- tempo- same thing really

Try doing 400’s, at the prediced race pace for the race distance in total volume. so 2mile of 400’s. Have equal recovery in efforts. So say, 70sec efforts with 70sec recoverys. Should be easy if you can run say a 55sec 400m. Add 20% to that… Just got to get the numbers of 400’s up. Or, you could do em with 3min recovery and slowly drop the recovery times?

Charlie, would longer tempo distances (300’s, maybe even 400’s) be more beneficial in terms of enhancing distance performance than tempo of 100’s and 200’s or is total volume what really matters?

I would use a mix but probably more 300-400, and even 500-600.

Intensive tempo will interfere with speed development. Tempo at 75% of max (extensive) is MORE than fast enough for the two mile pace required for the test or the pace between bursts in the game itself.

I feel that the needs of the game are better served with rep distances of 100 and 200m in general but there’s no reason you can’t go above those distances occasionally.

CF thats what im talking about ext tempo but on the higher instead of 65 he should go 75%.

Thanks, would you recommend any sort of special preparation/peaking for the week or so before the run? The reason I ask is that although I am one of the fastest on the team over 10-40m, I tend to struggle with the timed distance runs.

Try a test 10 days out and adjust from there. i wouldn’t think tapering from extensive tempo would need to be that much for this test.
The more you are pre-disposed to speed vs distance, the better will be your relative response to tempo vs straight runs.

Do you need a good time or do you just need a certain cutoff time so that you won’t get stuck in a special “conditioning program”?