Tempo alternatives....


I may have some days from now on when I have no time to get running tempos in at all…

I wonder if doing bike tempos can have negative effect on sprinting mechanics.

With bike, one is not able to extend his fully, because the position of hips are fixed and range of motion of the legs are limited, resulting in “sitting back” posture.

Will this carry over to one’s actual sprinting or sprinting drills?

or are these too unsimilar to have any carry-over effect biomechanically?

I’ve read also that treadmill tempos can have negative effect on sprinting mechanics because of longer ground contact time due to the belt moving forward.

I wonder what I should do…bike or treadmill.

Bike - possibility of causing sitting back.
Treadmill - possibly casue longer ground contact time, but more movement specific (mechanically).

Kwave…you should look into basement tempo in the store. realtime sessions done with Charlie and ange. worth every penny and different levels to chose from.

I do have the video and watched it. I do think of it as an option as well, I wanted to perhaps study it a bit more since I need to organize the exercises and put it together for my needs and circumstances. I still wanted to know more about the effects of treadmill and bike since they’re more simple and easy to follow.

Thank you.

Given the fact that you are not asking for any sort of permanent substitution, I would encourage you to get on a treadmill the odd times you are unable to get the tempo in on grass. However, for the same reason (no permanent alternative needed) it is also just as reasonable for you to perform a basement tempo, or pool tempo, variant.

Well I think I would probably have to do treadmill or bike about 2-3 times a week and maybe be on grass 1-2 times a week. This will probably last rest of this year, maybe longer.

With you saying permanent solution, and odd times, do you mean that as long as I’m able to get on grass some of the times (as opposed to everything on treadmill or bike), it shouldn’t have negative effect on my actual sprint and its mechanics?

I’m into boxing now and recently started organizing my training in a bit of a hi-lo sequence. I don’t run distance because of the wear and tear, however, my aerobic capacity has increased significantly by doing the following:

10 x 100 revolutions of fast jump rope
10 x 70% punchouts or kicks on heavy bag for 30-45 seconds

The only rest is 15seconds or so between the rope and putting gloves back on.

I rest 2-3min after the initial 10 rep set and then followup with:

5x100m with pushups or other calisthenic or if inside because of weather I will do 10mins of continuous calisthenic circuits including harder ones like 8 count bodybuilders, bear crawl, alligator crawl, drop face recover back, etc.

Jumping rope will be similar to sunning in place like you do with basement tempo but it seems to be a little more elastic. You can sub the punches/kicks with pushups and situps. Doing the rope with punches and kicks is the closest I’ve personally found to Charlies tempo circuits like 10x100 with calisthenics as the only rest between each 100 and the big circuit.

Precisely correct

Smartly done. When I took over the global preparation of an amateur boxer I eliminated all running for the same reasons as well as the fact that running has nothing to do with boxing. I also had the luxury of programming all skill work, special preparation, sparring and eliminated speed bag and mit work.

Countless options:

1: Bike 45 on/15off 2 sets of 10 reps rpm 120+
2: Incline tread walk or sprints 1-2% grade 30sec on/30-60sec off
3: Rowing
4: Pool work
5: Tabata work
6: BB circuits
7: Mb circuits
8: Gs circuits

Options 6-8 are cheap and can be performed at home.

If you are a sprinter etc I wouldn’t perform jump roping as a tempo option.

What do you not like about the rope, calf tightening/potential achilles issues?

I should watch the basement tempo video over again to try to figure out the proper intensity and work:rest ratio to scale it right so that I’m keeping it “tempo” (something equivalent to 70% effort) as opposed to lactic effort (higher intensity than tempo, lower intensity than speed).

Thank you for sharing your experiences.

Thank you for your clarifications, I’ll have to get that in on those busy busy days when I can’t make it to grass.

With you and Mr. Smith approving bike and treadmill, I’ll probably use them as my alternative tempo options.

I’ve done pool before and like it, I just can’t do it on busy days I can’t get to grass. I would do it if I had time, but bad weather.

Tabatas and circuits I want to watch videos over again and try to figure out proper intensity and work:rest ratio to keep it “tempo”

Thank you for those options.

Kwave, the most practically definitive means of determining your intensity of movement from an energetic perspective is a heart rate monitor and knowledge of your anaerobic threshold. If you are so inclined you will perform a conconi test on all movements (bike, pool, treadmill, grass…) and that will provide you with a clearer picture of the heart rate ranges you’ll want to stay in on the various forms of tempo.

As the anaerobic threshold is a local process (oxidative capacity of the muscles involved in the work) it will ultimately be different for different cyclical actions.

So that’s the most accurate method of doing it it seems. I guess to do a poor man’s version of it maybe when I run real tempo, measure my heart rate and try to get my heart rate to be the same when I do circuits.

Thank you.

You won’t want to use the running assessment for non-running exercises for the reasons I mentioned. If you want the most non-laboratory accuracy you will perform the test on each form of cyclical exercise in order to determine your round about anaerobic threshold for each exercise.

The intensity shouldn’t be a big deal - last rep should be same speed as first rep… When in doubt go slower… I played around with using a certain % of my max heart rate and it wasn’t bad esp for fat burning zone…

Take a look at what I have suggested.
Let me know if you have questions.


By cyclical, you mean do a circuit of exercises for one round and then assess?

So I guess I should try to emulate the heart rate I get from tempos, to find that right % of max heart rate.

Thank you.