Technical advice for a young hurdler?

For the BC High School Track and Field 110MH Meet record, the holder is David Wilkinson from Handsworth. It was set in 1982. Almost exactly 30 years ago!

Thanks Jccc110. I wanted to see if I knew this person but I did not.
I was thinking Warren Lee who went to UBC but I was not sure if he was from BC or not.,
What I meant by the " air brushing " was the feeling I got when going to the official site ( to look up who had the 30 year old record) of track in Canada ( big mistake) and noticing how they missed a few chunks of their history.
My own little hang up when voluntary memory loss gets the better of people.
Fortunately for us there is the site. :wink:

Where do you train?
Do you know what track that was set on ?
Do you know the time ? I bet it was hand time then depending on what meet it was performed at. It could have been electric?

I’ll go look it up Ang…

Ok apparently I misplaced one of my boxes of track stuff when cleaning up this winter. I’ll keep an eye out and update you.

Edit - It was hand timed at 14.1.

14.1 30 years ago is really fast. In the US, each year there might be a few dozen kids who break 14 seconds. Very impressive record.

Yeah but unfortunately with a hand time, we’ll never know just how fast he was.
Dylan Armstrong’s BC Highschool Champs’ hammer record of 75.22m is pretty good too. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the interest Ange :slight_smile:
I train at Memorial Park. It’s the closest track to my school and walking there only takes 20 minutes :-). I also have to carry the hurdles from my friend’s house which is set in the middle of the jaunt. So it’s 7 hours of school then walk 10 minutes, then carry the 4 set of hurdles another 10 minutes to reach the track. But I believe I am already more fortunate than a lot of people who live even further away from an available track. Charle wasn’t wrong when he said Track in Canada is a neglected stepchild…

The track the record was ran on, if I’m correct, is probably the Swangard Stadium. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. That is where the annual BC High School Track and Field Provincials take place.

Very true! I’ve been amazed and attracted to this record since the first time I’ve entered the meet as a grade 8. It would be even cooler and if he could return as an alumni but several google searches tells me his interest in track has discontinued :frowning: .

Who coaches you and who is your coach , at what track club? What age?

I don’t have a coach… my coach is myself and he’s not that good ha. I’m with a local club from time to time (spring break, summer vacation) but it’s not available to me during school time. Their training is rather disorganized… but I love training long jump with their coaches. I have already seen a lot of improvement in that area.

At this time I’m just putting pieces of workout together, such as speed, tempo, technique in one week. I use to be after the “perfect program”, but if i wait until conditions are optimal I will never get anywhere. So I’m very fortunate I can post speed-related questions and hurdle technique to CF forum, you guys provide a lot of help!

If you want to improve faster, you’ll want to find a coach. How far can you travel to train? Vancouver Olympic Club or Kajaks might be worth looking into.

Yeah I’ve seen athletes of those clubs perform and they are magnificent. But the problems I’d have to outreach to participate in club training is more than just transportation. I honestly like the serene atmosphere of training alone. One thing I do not like is how there is no immediate feedback, however I’ve found a solution and that is video feedback. I think CF forum will give me a lot of advice regarding the intricacies of hurdling, even more so than the dearth of authoritative knowledge I feel that is present in BC. Hopefully I can still run self-satisfying times following this way. And at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is running a time that you feel reflects your profile! :slight_smile:

Did a 50m race today. I was a little nervous before the race. But I did calm myself down in the moment I needed to. Any feedback? What would this time mean in the high hurdles? I am the guy in blue.

It was very difficult to see too much in the race but it looked like you won which does not hurt. Speed of any sort will allow a great advantage to buffer technical skill until the hurdles get too high anyway.
How old are you?
It’s tough training on your own however Jccc. But perhaps your reasons for running are different and perhaps the idea of training alone means more to you than to compromise other values you appear to have. I do want to point out that regardless of what you think I feel you are putting yourself at an enormous disadvantage in terms of the goals you have set. If you were just wanting to have a good time than fine. As soon as you add performance into the equation not having timely feedback deadens the progress significantly. Never forget that practice makes permanent so if your feed back turn around is 24 hours and another’s is 30 seconds after their run how much time are you loosing or put another way how much time are you working less efficiently and effectively as well?
Once you achieve a certain amount than the task of training alone might be reasonable depending on the type of work you need to perform. Ideally quality of all training is essential. Hard to mess up tempo on the bike and in the pool for example but there is always a way to grab something from those training sessions and it’s not just about putting in the time for tempo to feed the speed. In general one of the biggest issues in training is judgement coming from the person performing the work. Judgement is honed over time from experience and quality of work over years.
Think about some of this.
I do not want to sound negative but I do want you to understand what you are up against in relation to the goals you have shared with us here.


Having said all of this life is all about choices , challenges and lessons we learn along the journey. I am basing my thoughts and opinions on things I have experienced , seen and been a part of at the highest level. You have a goal and perhaps this goal will be achieved by you without compromise of your other wants.
If we are able to help you that will be great thing.
What you are trying to do is exciting and admirable and I don’t mean to be discouraging or a nay sayer either. It’s not all about winning ( someone told me that :wink: and it’s really kinda cool that you have these ideas about what and how you want things.

^ Thanks Ange you are very cool!

Back to hurdling - I tried to do a few sprint over hurdles today, after my mobility/more specific hurdle drills. (After focusing on the mobility, I feel my whole running process become faster, so that’s great) However, I can’t seem to get to the first hurdle without cutting my steps short. Is that a genuine problem? I felt scared over the hurdle, so that was bad anyways. Do you think the 7-step is feasible for me??

6.49s over 50m is probably worth around 11.80-12.00s in the 100m. To run 14.1 in the 110m hurdles you probably need to be in low 11s - high 10s 100m shape.

Ouch! The bleak reality hurts! That time conversion is really accurate, I ran a 12.00~ ht on Thursday(2 days before the 6.49). I am sure my time is going to decrease as the season goes on, so that’s great! 14.1 is a very tough time :slight_smile:

Have some race footage. [video=youtube_share;nDgJ-kG3HGc][/video]

My warm up was interrupted because the schedule is so late, so other than few leg swings, there was not preparation before my race. There were also no blocks. When I went over the hurdles, I felt myself FLOATING! Aries Meritt said he was floating hurdles but I was actually Floating! That feeling was so devastating! My lead arm was also very ahead of my body so went I pulled it back it was just a chaos.

The video is really hard to pick on anything, but any feedback will be appreciate, greatly!

I thought from what I could see you looked pretty good. You had no competition and that makes it kinda tough but that is ok for early on in the season.
How long did you allow to warm up?
A very important lesson is how to learn to buffer what is very typical at many meets. If you learn how to handle this fact it’s an area that will become an advantage to you. Always allow more time to warm up , not less than what you need. The fitter and more experienced you are the more you will be able to " hang on" to your warm up. Likely , because you are training you are more able to hang on to your warm up than your competitors. Say your warm up is 30 minutes. Take one hour or 45 minutes before your event. Do your warm up and then sit and wait and keep yourself warm and shake your legs and wait. When everyone else is scrambling ( and they will because i have seen this countless times even at the national level ) you will be over chilling and relaxing and dreaming of your perfect race ;). The most important thing jCC is you know your preparation was not ideal or sufficient.
Feedback about times is great and interesting but really in my view you need to focus on a bunch of other things and that " time " thing will come together when you are ready.
When? Next week at 5pm on the … I don’t know as I don’t see into the future , at least not yet. ( I tend to try and work on this as I like control) Yes, I am kidding.
Getting more races is good.
How about your regeneration ? I know you are young and kids tend not to think this way but I want you to try and think of ways you can actively rejuvenate yourself for your training so the next time you have your speed session you are feeling more recovered. You need to be doing speed work when you are as fresh and as rested as possible. I know with kids this can be the luck of the draw but see if you can make a thoughtful effort to rest and actively do so. Give me some of your thoughts on that. ( yes,you can say Ange I have no clue what the heck you are talking about )
The floating? Yeah, been there. How are your nerves ? When you start thinking in the race that you are floating I ask myself how nervous are you?
You are doing a great job.
I love that you are posting video and that shows how motivated you are. Who is doing the filming for you?
You can fix the first hurdle thing but we need to see more examples. We need to get your turn over and I am wondering about your blocks and how to adjust them differently.
I had to switch my lead leg in order to get to the first hurdle but that was so long ago that it just seems normal now. I am not sure you need to do this but it would be good to have more video to see it.