Tasty Meals

Hey everyone, Im back!!

Has anyone out there got any recipes for some good healthly nutritious meals?? High protein, carbs, low fat…

Any type is good. Asian, indian, western whatever you eat yourself.Combinations of anything

Im getting sick of my wifes cooking!! :eek: shhh don’t tell her!! :smiley: It all tastes great but im ready to try something new.

Waiting in anticipation :slight_smile:

no prawns for you!!

lots of salmon!! in any form

Cook some brown rice (as much as you want) until almost ready, then add mushrooms, sweetcorn, chopped tomatoes and any veg you want.
Then take chicken breasts and rub some peanut butter into them. Then add them to the rice with a sprinkle of ginger and chilli powder (not too much, just a sprinkle) and cook till ready

yum yum

oh, grilled salmon, green beans and sweet potatoe


Rather than meals alone, how about some good health-related cook books?

“Nourishing Traditions” is great. I definitely don’t agree with everything, especially for athletes, but as long as a little creativity is used its a great book.

Yeh - healthy cook books would be a more effcient approach -
I remember nightmare mentioning ‘The Colour Code’ - but I haven’t got around to get/read it yet.

Oh yeh - buy a Foreman grill too.

Those foreman grills are immense! You can cook anything and (almost) everything on them. Damn good recommendation