Targeting those softer areas

As my speed and strength training seems to be progressing satisfactarily - I’m trying to improve on the areas of weakness -
primarily areas of fat that are a hangover from my not so distant days as a 200 pound roadie .
Even last summer when i dropped to 175lb’s / 10% BF & was doing far too much tempo - I still never lost these areas - u know the ones - blush - basically everything from the sternum to the knee caps but mostly upper legs and glutes .
I was thinking of targeting these areas with tempo on a saturdays for a while maybe using some of those machines that sprinters don’t use - I plan to introduce amounts that won’t affect performance
Any other suggestions - the usual general prep stuff didn’t seem to make any difference b 4 .


I with you - I need some feedback to target those areas aswell.

Originally posted by Clemson
I would like to target a certain hurdler’s softer areas!:baddevil::

LLOOLLL!!! U r a dirty old man.:clap:

Thanks for the advice :sing:
I’ll er target my own soft areas -
Wullie - I’m gonna use some of those very gurlie inner thigh / butt type machines with very very low weights & sets of 3 x 20 post warm - up - pre tempo .
I’ve tried it twice this week with no soreness or reduced performance next day , it actually felt quite regenerating .


Mines is diet related (in my opinion) - I just love food. Portion control or the lack of is my downfall.

Clemson - I am sure you are not the only one. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hate to break it to you boys but there is no support for “spot reduction” of fat deposits in the body. I would asy your best bet is to increase your muscle mass as this will mean you are using more energy at any one time irrespective of your activity level.

I had a masters athlete that has been struggling with weight even when doing alot of tempo work. I took the tempos out for two months and replaced that work with hypertrophy weights. He lost 5kgs in two months and now that he has some more muscle we are back on tempos.

Remember in masters level athletes though muscle mass is the main thing you have to work on as years of inactivity leads to decreasing amounts of muscle, so it should always be a factor you should be developing and emphasising in older athletes as oppsoed to youger athletes that are putting on weight and size with age (this could be the case in older people but the weight and size they put on is usually detrimental to performance!).


Actually - since following Nightmares dietry advice - those ‘softer areas’ are gradually disappearing with no extra effort involved approx 10% bf @ 78kg-

in fact - as was the case last year now speed end is moving up I’m having difficulty maintaining weight so by the time I start doing 200’s I’ll be stuffing as much fuel in as possible just to avoid atrophy

which diet was that one again?

Brad - my diet is under 'the gloop diet ’ lol - but it was based on the ideas posted by Nightmare who made suggestions and gets most of his carbs in as early as possible - gets good fats etc - - check out the ‘nightmare diet’ under nutrition -
I’ve made a few changes to mine now too with virtually no processed foods at all - cept on saturdays when I pig out like a maniac :smiley:
still cant get hold of coconut oil in UK tho

I think MCTs are Coconut oil. Diet sounds good- just consider loosing the pig-out day as well (kind of like going to the Betty Ford Center 6 days a week!).

LoL Charlie - my housemate just returned from a stag weekend in Amsterdam - I think Betty could have a room for him .

Well actually the pig out only consists of 2 packets of hula hoops 4 slices of bread - 2 danish pastries - a large bar of chocolate and strawberries and icecream over a 2 day period - but psychologically it feels like a pig out .
Actually reading back - it is a pig out lol - I’ll try it every other week with lesser amounts

BTW What are MCT’s - and where can I get them ?



Excuse the lack of technical terms, as this is not my forte.

Basically MCT, are a type of fat/oil - Medium Chain Triglycerides.

Twinlab used to sell a product called MCT fuel (surprise, surprise)

Some bodybuilders and there gurus use MCT during their dieting periods - John Parrillo is a big fan.


Ty Wullie - so how exactly would I fit these into my diet ?
would they be as an additional supplement to or a replacement for flax oil - which - I admit I have finally got used to even tho taking it directly from the spoon still makes me gag lol

MCT’s do not contain essential fatty acids and therefore should not replace flax oil or other EFA oils.

MCT’s are oxidised and mobilised more easily than many other fats found in the diet, but MCT’s do not stimulate fat metabolism/mobilisation other than this. Added to the diet they are just extra calories. The only benefit would be replacing certain non-EFA foods with MCT containing foods.

Coconut oil in an unrefined, undenatured state can be beneficial to health due to its nutrients, and in general its fatty acids (inc MCT’s) are unlikely to be a significant risk in diseases of fatty degeneration. However, much of the coconut oil found commercially is refined and partially denatured and unless quality coconut oil can be found it is better to eat raw coconut, if you really want coconut or its nutrients that is.

Ty Richard - but now I’m really confused whether they’re good or not -

wow have I gone in a post frenzy or what lol - don’t worry it won’t last , I must remember - less is more / quality not quantity .

To use Udo Erasmus’ words: MCTs are not necessary nor more than minimally helpful for weight loss.