Tapers for different Sports

Humour me, I’m a newbie…
With regards to tapering for a peak performance;
No cookie cutter approach is appropriate, but in general for elite power athletes the last max intensity session’s range from 14 days to 10 days to 3 days with various effects. (Bishop- Shot Put, Francis- Sprinters, Other- Sprinters, Speed Trap pg 156)
In these forums it has been stated that the 200m could be tapered for in a similar fashion.
What about other sports?
Olympic weight lifters? When would they have, on average done their last really heavy day- CNS taxing workout before the recently completed World Weightlifting Championships in Vancouver?
How about elite swimmers?
What about sprint cyclists?
And then how about the longer running events like 400/800/1500?
In the power based events the last workout in the series before the taper, sets you up to slingshot to a new level of performance. For something like the 1500m, do elite athletes try and slingshot off a CNS work as well?

Comments or info on different sport tapering/peaking methods please.