Tap water--off limits?

Is tap water unsafe?

Short answer - it depends

Water in my state has chlorine and something else (I can’t remember), the water supply is probably the best in Australia.

But it also depends on transportation of the water throught the pipes and how long it remains stagnate. I drink my tap water, through I do filter it. But if I go anywhere else I drink bottled water or at a minimum boil the water before drinking.

Apart from certain countries not having adequate water purification systems (bottled water being needed) I am only aware of lead water pipes being a potential problem. Lead leaches into the water from these pipes and can be toxic over the long term for adults, but has also been shown to increase infant mortality and still births in certain areas. Although governments do not advise to use bottled water in areas containing lead piping, it probably is advisable.

Sometimes bottled water is as bad or worse than tap water. I’d suspect that water run through a good filter system would be best. Thoughts?

Have to agree Charlie with bottled water.

The problem is you can not be sure of the quality of any water unless you see it from the start of the process to the finish.

Drinking Water

Water, water, everywhere, but none fit to drink.
Less than 1 percent of the world’s water is suitable for drinking. About 80 percent of the world’s diseases are linked to impure water. Don’t think modern man is immune from the effects of contaminated water. Chlorine, one of the most toxic chemicals on the planet, when added in small amounts to tap water, prevents the problem of typhoid and dysentery that still plague mankind in undeveloped populations. But chlorine produces its own by-products when combined with organic materials. These toxic chlorine by-products accumulate in organs like the kidneys or bladder that filter or store water. The result is an increased risk of bladder and kidney cancer. Some experts estimate more than 20,000 cases of these types of cancer occur annually from water chlorination. If you drink tap water, and you don’t filter out the chlorine at the faucet, over the long haul you are exposing yourself to an avoidable health risk. This is not to mention the problem of cryptosporidium, a nasty parasite which cannot be killed by chlorine and which has contaminated various municipal water supplies, resulting in sickness and even death. Filter your tap water!

As for all that hype about distilled water, think again. Distilled water kills all the undesirable organisms, but it also removes essential minerals, not only required for taste, but also for health maintenance.

Tap water is softened by adding sodium, to replace calcium and magnesium, so we will not have scum on our bathtub and our skin after showering, so that our water heaters won’t develop sediment, and so our dishwashers and clothes washers will produce sudsy water. So tap water is really designed for washing machines and water heaters, not humans!!

We pay the price for drinking soft water with high blood pressure — a malady that strikes 50 million Americans. We have so over-loaded our canned foods and water with sodium that it is nearly impossible to reduce salt consumption below 3000-4000 milligrams per day. If Americans consumed less than 2300 milligrams of salt per day, hypertension would probably cease to exist. Filtering your water at the tap won’t alter its mineral content. Distilled water has no sodium, but it doesn’t have any of the electrolyte minerals, calcium and magnesium, that are so important for proper heart function and bone formation. Drinking water without calcium and magnesium is asking for problems like kidney stones, osteoporosis and even sudden death heart attack!

The best source of water is bottled spring water, that is, if you can find a bottled mineral water that is low in sodium, rich in magnesium, and balanced with calcium. That is really a difficult task, one that has led me on a worldwide search. To find out more, read my upcoming book IN PURSUIT OF THE WORLD’S BEST WATER.

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thats scary…
i only drink “DASANI” anyone with me on that? my school has a deal with coca cola… we get 2 bottles for $1! not badd wouldnt you say?
however i do drink “tap” water from the water fountain in the gym since my bottles water cant stay cold after my track workouts that is if it is not already finished.

Yes it is scary, but kids these days aren’t allowed to play in dirt or climb trees because of things in/on them.

Perhaps I need to drink something else. Any ideas? Scotch, wine, etc… :smiley:

Then I would think I was a top sprinter, just couldn’t perform thou.

ok, lets stray away from just plain water for a second… how about Gatorade and Powerade and drinks of that sort… there is water in these… what is the water quality in these sports drinks?

Tap water is all i ever drink!
In a recent “scientific” study conducted here in Norway on water distilled from glaciers and produced comercially the researchers concluded that this water was less beneficial for humans than ordinary tap-water. It might have something to do with the production process - using plastic bottles etc.
But then again scientific studies can be used to show anything. Science is politics even though the scientists dont know.
Anecdotal evidence and taste is the best guide probably ,after all if your stomach revolts after tasting something it probably isnt good for you.
As for spring water or water from a brook or stream ,just make sure to drink upstream from the cows and sheep!

It seems there are water filters that can remove the majority of heavy metals and chlorine from tap water but it depends which one is used. There are different standards of water filters and also different methods of filtration. Does anyone have details of a decent filter?

As for magnesium and calcium ratio, if the magnesium isn’t sufficient in the bottled water or tap water it can come from the diet and supplement.

“That is really a difficult task, one that has led me on a worldwide search. To find out more, read my upcoming book IN PURSUIT OF THE WORLD’S BEST WATER.”

Thats really funny. I have visions of a bearded hippy scaling the shearest rock faces in the worlds more remotest locations desperately searching for streams of the purest water…:sing:

Communities whose water supply comes from glacial or snow melt sources tend to end up with some rather nasty mineral defficiencies. This is because the purity of the water lowers the mineral concentration in the blood, and through a simple case of osmosis leaches minerals such as calcium from bodily structures like bones.

Being exposed to impurities is usually a good thing in the long run, I can foresee a generation, being brought up now, who in the future will have rather piss poor immune systems cuz their parents won’t let them “play in the dirt”.

If your tap water comes from the Ganges, avoid it, however if your from a reasonably well established area, you should be fine.

DMA, What state are you from?

If your tap water comes from the Ganges, avoid it, however if your from a reasonably well established area, you should be fine.


Flouride concentrations are very controversial also.

This whole purity of water issue reminds me of the purity of fish oils issue. I read about toxins contained in tap water, which I think the analysis behind it is solid and I agree with it. I had to do an excruciating, long paper on this in microbiology.
However, I never hear anyone name a brand that it good to drink? It’s the same thing with fish oils. I get to hear how I am slowly destroying my health drinking tap water, and then if I drink bottled water its still bad. Even if I find good bottled water, it’s in plastic, which also seeps harmful chemicals.
Even if you stop drinking tap water, you have to shower in it…
It would be nice to hear someone give a VIABLE alternative instead of just throwing this kind of stuff out to read. Tap water is bad, fine, but if every other source of water is bad also, what’s the point of raising the red flag over it? I get to hear about how I am killing myself drinking tap water but nothing “pure” is available even if I wanted it?
It’s exactly like the fish oil situation. I won’t leave you hanging like some of those health experts, here are some good fish oils- Metagenics, Carlson, and I have heard spectrum and zone are pure.
If am going to “ruin” my health drinking water anyways, I might as well drink tap and do it for free!

I use a brita water filter…this might help? Thoughts?


I’m sure to stir up trouble with this one. In Toronto in the late 1950s, the decision was made to fluoridate the water supply. Right after the start-up date, the city was flooded with complaints of all sorts of side-effects. After about a month of this, the city then announced that they HADN’T fluoridated the water. They’d anticipated the actions of the “fring” and decided to “flush them out” first. After that the fluoridation went ahead without further commentary- at least in the mainstream.

One summer a few years back, tap water was off limits because of a cryposporidium (spelling??) outbreak. The lake water had the outbreak. How they got this under control I don’t know. But I sure know alot of people who were making frequent visits to the toilet while this was heppening.

Originally posted by Rupert
I use a brita water filter…this might help? Thoughts?


Brita is cheap water filter and as we know, we get what we pay for. A good filter will run you about $200us. A company called Symmetry here in the U.S. makes a really good one.

also, estrogen is becoming more abundant in tap water. i can’t find the article right now, but i’ll dig it up and post it.