Tank Abbott's 600 pound Bench press

http://home.cfl.rr.com/mma32/ Check out Tank Abbott bench presses 600 pounds here. Tank Abbott is a ufc fighter.

There’s no bench shirt either!

There is no drug testing in UFC and freestyle fighting, and there is no banned substance list.

There isn’t any bouncing it off the chest either. I’d estimate that for him the bouncing is worth about oh… say about 50 lbs. Still pretty darn good for a 250lbs plus guy who can cave your skull in by hitting it or by body slamming you in the street.


maybe the bounce trains him to take the shots to the chest?:karate:

lol Bouncing… that’s kinda like what the apes do to intimidate other apes (hit their chest really hard several times). At least that’s what I think they do it for.
Anywho, If I bounce the weight off my chest I could very easily get past my sticking point which is about 6" above my chest.


Linkie no work :frowning:

Tank is ugly, has no teeth, he is arrogant, he is fat, he has gotten his butt kicked many times in the octagon, he has won many times in the octagon, he may be taking various drugs, but you HAVE to admire his courage to get in the ring with some very dangerous people, time after time. I do not like him, but I do respect him. If I dropped 600 pounds on MY chest, there would be two of me.