Tall sprinters with fast times over short distances?

In 2001 german sprinter Tim Goebel ran a 6.58 60. At the time he was only nineteen and stood 199 centimeters tall, weighing 95 kilos.

Are there other examples of very tall sprinters with good times for the 60-meter dash?

Few names cross my mind:

Francis Obikwelu, NGR/POR, 1m95, 6.69 in 1997
Bruno Marie-Rose, FRA, 1m93, 6.56 in 1987
Jean-Olivier Zirignon, IVC, 1m93, 6.64 in 1998

Pierrejean, I knew I could count on you to answer this.
(I still believe Obikwelu is only around 1m90 though.)

Do you see Vg, this is the evidence you have wished for. Taller guys can still be fast over shorter distances! They aren’t all like Tore-Andre…

Hehe thanks Thor! At one point in my life, couple of years ago, I considered to give up sprint training because I thought I’ll never ever be fast over the first meters. ( because of my height 635) But I decided to give speed and weights a try and I am now a second quicker over 20 meters(around 2.9 constantly)! And I'm fighting the tenths now to get even faster. John Carew became the fastest on Valencia on a speed-test over 20 metes.. 2.6 sec i think it was. and he is 65 !

Those are hand times over 20m yeah? The fastest 20m I can find is Greene’s 2.83 in Edmonton.

Carew has great acceleration - a good physical package but a bit lacking in geniune football ability imo.

Yeah its hand-times… u can add .5 when comparing with FAT.

Maurice Greene’s 2.83 in Edmonton for 20m puts John Carews 2.6 into context, of being aload of rubbish.

Carl Lewis (1.90 meters ) 6.02 60yd (55m) is blazing. It’s like running a 6.45 60m. Carl has more 60/55m indoor times than 60m because back in the 80’s the U.S. indoor distance were primarily 60yd/55m.

No doubt.
Carew got his speed through working out with some of Norways foremost sprinters though.

I’m not sure if you would consider Donovan Bailey exceptionally tall, but he’s above average for sure…he holds the current world record of 5.56 seconds for 50m.

Linford was tall at 1.93 and did 6.47 sec for indoor 60m.

Linford is reported to be 1.89 in all ATFS Annuals, and other ATFS publications. The only variation are about his weight, between 77kg and 94kg !

That is what I thought also, and it makes perfect sense too.
After all, we all know that being around 188 centimeters tall are the perfect height for a sprinter. :smiley:

No, it’s the perfect height for a coach :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

my theory; it’s the length of your legs that matters, how you are built…

for example if you are 1.75cm tall and can stand over a hurdle (90cm), without shoes - full ground contact on both feets, thats better then being 1.85 and not able to do it… :slight_smile:

Wouldn’t this change according to hot or cold weather? :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, Thor, was that you who won World Idol?

Only in my nightmares! I’m naturally tall, dark and handsome.
Come to think of it, last season he would probably have outsprinted me…

My thoery is, the proper length of a leg is one that reaches from the crotch to the ground. :stuck_out_tongue: