Tall sprinters have a disadvantage at the begining?

Is it true that taller people have a dis advantage at the begining of the race?

In general, yes. How much of a disadvantage though is hard to say as there are some really great taller guys with good starts (ie Asafa).

Don’t tell that to TT.

If you have a look at the best starters of all time, you won’t find many tall ones.

not the case with asafa powell :cool:

Probably has more to do with relative strength ratios than actual height. There are tall sprinters like Asafa and Linford…and there are tall sprinters like Obikwelu and Tommie Smith. If someone gives you just Obikwelu’s and Powell’s weights, you could pretty well guess which one is the stronger starter from just that information.

I did a bit of research, using 60m times of <= 6.50.

I know that 60m times involve more than just starting, but they are a good indicator of one’s starting ability. Also, not everyone competes much in 60m runs, so not every good starter is on this list (Asafa Powell…), but it’s worth looking at.

The formatting is hard to read b/c I don’t know how to do spacing on here.

First, I ranked people by the number of times they’ve run 6.50 and faster.

18 Maurice Greene 5’9
15 Jason Gardener 5’10
10 Ben Johnson 5’10 3/4
10 Jon Drummond 5’9
8 Bruny Surin 5’11
8 Tim Harden 5’10
6 Leonard Scott 5’11
5 Andre Cason 5’7
5 Morne Nagel ?
4 Deji Aliu 5’5
3 Justin Gatlin 6’1
3 Leonard M M 5’6 1/2
3 Terrence T. 6’2
3 Marcus Brunson 6’2
3 Linford Christie 6’2 1/2
3 Coby Miller 5’9
2 Shawn Crawford 5’11
2 John Capel 6’0
2 Ola Fasuba 5’7
2 Michael Green ?
1 Ronald Pognon 6’0 1/2
1 Harálabos Papadiás ?
1 Lee McRae ?
1 Donovan Powell ?

Second, I ranked people by their fastest time.

6.39 Maurice Greene 5’9
6.41 Ben Johnson 5’10 3/4
6.41 Andre Cason 5’7
6.43 Tim Harden 5’10
6.45 Bruny Surin 5’11
6.45 Justin Gatlin 6’1
6.45 Leonard M.M. 5’6 1/2
6.45 Terrence T. 6’2
6.45 Ronald Pognon 6’0 1/2
6.46 Jason Gardener 5’10
6.46 Jon Drummond 5’9
6.46 Leonard Scott 5’11
6.46 Marcus Brunson 6’2
6.47 Linford Christie 6’2.5
6.47 Shawn Crawford 5’11
6.48 Morne Nagel ??
6.48 Deji Aliu 5’5
6.48 John Capel 6’0
6.49 Coby Miller 5’9
6.49 Ola Fasuba 5’7
6.49 Michael Green ?
6.50 Lee McRae ?
6.50 Harálabos Papadiás ?
6.50 Donovan Powell ? (Yes, this is Asafa’s Brother)

add drob to the list.

Did he improve on his 6.64 that I didn’t know about? Obviously 6.10 for 55m bodes well, but I only was including 6.50 or faster runners.

you got that right!

racing is simple!!!


thanks for your profound wisdom there capitano. But how do you get faster? And how do you keep the speed going for longer?

and please don’t give us more of Mennea’s “mind-power” waffle. Tell us what you know about the training of Collio please. ciao :slight_smile:

sure did :smiley:

there is no secret to training, nada… its all about DNA…iether your fast…or a donkey…

then improving.well lets not beat a dead horse…