talking stopwatch

I am looking for a timer or stopwatch that will count aloud – eg 1, 2, 3 , 4 so I can know how long I have to get to the finish line. It would be good to hear it rather than have to watch the clock. I could be a countdown timer and would only need to time for 2 mins.

It is for use in a car.

For use in a car? You mean counting seconds for an automobile race or rally? I don’t know about any stopwatch that counts out loud, but if you just need something to hear in your car, you could record your own CD or tape and play it while you drive.

Mate you are a genius. Sometimes we tend to get too technical when the solution is simple.

Just googled = loud countdown timer

Thank’s bold, I sell a countdown timer for $16.90, it vibrates and makes a loud beep when the time expires. The problem is it doesn’t count the individual seconds out loud which is the function we are after.