Taking over coaching from a sick coach

I am in the unfortunately position of being the S & C coach for a group of athletes who’s coach is quite sick. The coach is looking at a minimum of a 2-3 week stay in hospital.

The coach has the programme or outline at home.

How would you go about coaching and structuring there programme for the time frame the coach is out of action.

We have similar philospophy although I tend to be more short to long.

Any help/advice appreciated.

Don’t change much from what they are doing now cos they can’t handle the change in skills. If you think the volume is too much then drop it a little. Also, try not to send conflicting messages because you don’t want to undermine the other coach. Thats pretty much it. Good luck!

Thanks TC0710

Pretty much what I have done, changed a couple of there days around to intorduce a better recovery.