Taking all Bets .....200m Fave's For Athens

My hundred reais goes to Konstantino Kenteris for sure !!!

2-Gatlin or Capel (if Capel keeps improving the way he has)

Look out for Crawford if he goes for the 200… he’ll be somwhere in the top 5 mix.

Konstantino Kenteris shows up in the right time. I know he’ll do his fans a great favor by winning gold

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  1. kenteris (He’ll find someway to win even if he isn’t the fastest person in the field, whatever that’s supposed to mean)
  2. Bolt (The start of an amazing career, lets hope his injury right knwo doesnt hurt him too bad)
  3. Crawford (Another piece to his breakout year)

I like KK and bolt and capel and even shawn

but Im goinging with Gatlin.

i’m putting my lot on KK

I’m revising my choices
cause i realized I didn’t think properly.

My top three are

  1. Gatlin
  2. KK
  3. Frankie!!!

and im calling frankie with the upset win first ever gold!

KK all the way…

One of these 6:
Crawford, Kenderis, good old Frankie (probably in that order) - other athletes with good chances (I expect to reach the final): Gatlin, Bolt, Powell.

Somehow the fortune turns for Buckland - great victory in Rome, but couldn’t beat Kenderis and get caught by Fredericks - must be depressing.
But he’ll surely make the final.

Crikey - I had no idea that Frankie was gonna do it - I’d love to see him win it - or Kenteris just 2 c the bubbles go nuts again like they did 4 euro 2004 -
Don’t rule out Campbell - he’s slowly getting faster and he knows how to deliver.

Other than that - it’s dead hard to tell at present - I think respective national qualifiers should give a better indication.

I can’t wait for this olympics - if everything runs smoothly I think the birthplace of athletics and the Greek nation could make it an exceptionally atmospheric occassion.

My mates got 3rd row finish line seats for all the sprint finals - how cool is that - luckee bar steward :rolleyes:

I don’t know about Campell, I like him, too, but in Rome he was clearly beaten by Buckland, Powell and Fredericks by more than 2 meters…

And Frankies performance in Lausanne was incredible. An example how you can win a 200m race over the last 25m. I wish somebody could post the video…

Frankie looks very strong and his vast experience should make him confident and cool. (20.21 at age 37 at this stage of the season is remarkable, too!)
He is what I call a true athlete - no boasty, noisy freak who does not know how to behave.

You’re right - I would not bet any money before the National qualifiers (especially the US - a lot can happen there).

Talking about Kenderis - First (2000) I did not think he is such a great sprinter, but the man has the ability to come out and simply NEVER get beaten. And running in his home country will make him fly. The season seems to start good for him, too. I really watched him since 2000. He usually runs 10.40 in April (which he did not this year), about 10.15 in June and 20.20-20.30 in 1 or 2 200m races.
Same in the heats and in the final around 20.00 or faster. Looks like he’s on his way - add the fast Athens track, running at home, and his target: improving Mennea’s European record.

I expect to see great sprints in Athens - I wish I could be there, too. I’m very excited, but the public interest seems to be much less then in Atlanta or Sidney - generally interest in Athletics seem to be declining constantly…it’s a pitty…if you read the ancient Greek legends a hero’s speed was measured by his speed (practically srpints; in Olympic times “200m shuttle runs”) and ability to throw the spear - athletics is part of the roots of our “Western Culture” - sorry for drifting off-topic.


Doesn’t look like Kenteris is going to be a factor now…


It´s not closed yet,
but, if he keep this bad behaviour, well, i guess will be a new anti-hero.
He will be droped at the Lions :mad:

I sincerely hope they let him compete and im hoping usian competes as well
but i still think gatlin and crawford are probably top 2


But im rooting from frankie all the way

Well Frankie made the finals!

The final 8 are


I bet my Ferrari ( if i had one ) they´ll put Bernard just inside Crawford,
and Gatlin will get Bronze this time, but who´s gonna win ?