Tae Bo "Boot Camp" DVD on low intensity days during gpp?

What do you guys think about Billy Blanks’ new DVD titled “Billy’s Boot camp”? It looks like a great gpp workout, and I was wondering if it could be done along with the tempo workouts from the GPP DVD, or would they have to replace the tempo workouts? I would love to start doing the workouts soon, hopefully along with the tempo workouts. Thoughts?

I’ve heard good things about this movie, try it out; see how it works for you.


I love Billy Blanks workouts!!!
While I was injured for two months with shin splints and chondromalacia, I did tae bo twice a week, mostly a DVD called Abs/Butt. It has two different workouts, one concentrating on abs and one on butt, and they are both really really good and great for sprinters since strengthening abs and glutes is really important.
When I did short sprints for the first time after my injury, I felt VERY explosive, giving credit to that DVD.
I’m definately trying out the boot camp one :smiley: as soon as I get back to the States, because I haven’t seen any around here in Greece.
Have fun with it!