T2, my journal begins!

Yeah I need to get more motivated for track so I’m starting a journal and feedback about my training would be good. Tommorow it begins! :smiley:

Ok, I’m starting from Scratch, Tommorow or today I will begin my Gpp Phase, depending on how soon I get this essay done.

Here are my objectives

1.Compete during the outdoor season in open meets
2. Run under 11 seconds electronic time

Objectives for Gpp phase which will last 77 days
Seven 10 day cycles with a day off after the 10 Day Cycle
Improve general condition
Improve Strength
Goals for the phase
1.20 pull-ups-current amount able to do 10
2.100 consecutive push-ups-current amount able to do 35 push-ups
3.Full Squat 500 pounds-current amount based on last few workouts, 275-but I’ve done 355 before
4.Hang Clean 275 pounds-current amount based on last workout 185
5.Bench press 225 pounds-current amount about 200
I’m naturally good at Clean and Squat but I suck at Bench for some reason so that is why their is the disparity.