T&T Championships 100m Finale


I did not expect Ato to run so well, but to me it’s obviously a false start.

I managed to hit the Pause button when Ato’s body is fully extended and everybody else has their hands still on the line

What do you think?

i agree but he sound of the gun might be coming late to us the viewer

My words exactly. Too bad we can’t see the starter to see when the smoke comes out of the gun. What was his time, anyway?

Ato definitley got a flyer.everyone else reacted the same except for him.also do you ever wonder why he has soo mush trouble with h/s injuries just look at his form over the last 30m,he maybe taking the pi** but his form over the later part is trouble.

anyway good to see him running half decent again

10.09 get faster ato

He says he got injured, that’s why the weird form the last meters (quad or calf cramp can’t remember which). Who cares about the flyer, he would have won cleanly anyway. He extends the gap by almost 2 meters more during his acceleration.

The start is debatable…I’m suprised that there wasn’t any electrical false start equipment set up to detect any false starts. “Who cares about the flyer” ??! Its that kind of attitude from race officials that has cost me races this year and a place in my country’s trials so please don’t come here with that kind of attitude…Its happened to me both Indoors and Out so hearing a comment like that isn’t what I want to hear. I’m sure a few guys here will relate to what I’ve just said. As for winning cleanly i’m not sure. He had good competition in that race and would have been pushed. Our very own Nic race a good race and whos to say what the outcome would have been had the race had a healthy and 100% Darrell too.

X I agree with the form at the end of the race…whether or not he is mocking the others I’m not sure but he looked like he was gonna start limbo dancing he was so lean so far back! :smiley: As for the time (10.09) he ran that with a ‘joke’ finish so he could have gone sub 10.

Looked like it could have been a false start, does anyone know what Ato’s injury was?

T&T is a third world country, what electrical false start detection!?!? LOL. In a competitive and organized environment I would agree this stuff can’t happen, but you’re going to deprive the poor people of Trinidad from seeing their star in action because of a stupid technicality? Or even worse, no select him into the olympic squad because he false started in Nationals where really 2 or 3 guys were competing for 3 spots to Athens!? Only countries like the US can afford that type of luxury, keeping things to the rules even if it means not sending the best, but these are third world countries!

Apparently it was a thigh strain.

I spoke to people who were there, and the old saying about: “Better organized riots!” was certainly true. Injuries were at least abetted by the fact that they ran races ahead of schedule, catching many unprepared! This is inexcuseable. You might not be able to help falling behind if you lack enough officials (hurdle crews etc) but there is no excuse for running ahead!

I agree with you about the officlas though same thing happened to me, they saw me blazzin it the meet before countiesn in my 4 got scared and did a whack DQ move on me so I wouldn’t beat one of the fastest kids in the nation.

I’ve seen a couple races where the same happened to Ben. I forgot which race it was, but the one where it looked like he was about to stop or stumble. I think he ran a 9.83 in the race i’m talkin about.

There’s a freshman on the team I coach who regularly beats people out of the blocks that bad. I put the races in slow mo and both his hands are up, and he’s almost fully extended before any even makes a twitch.

And Ato has always had a quick start. He’s usually ahead of Mo in most of the races against each other. And that was when Mo was in his prime.

I looked a number of times but I can’t stop it properly. I’m not sure it was a flyer from what I can see. He was much more powerful with his arms at the start than the others and really dominated over 80m and pulled his quad a long way out! Whatever, it was a very impressive run.

Let´s wait for Nicconnor´s opinion.

What lane was he in?

He is in lane 4

Well I managed to stop it and saw Ato fully streched while everybody else had their hands on the ground. Just don’t know how to copy a sceenshot off a wmv-Stream. Only get a black square…

Anyhow - he was the fastest. But if Darrel did not suffer from cramp - who knows…

BTW: Didn’t Ato say he won’t run the 100 and will start in the 200 only in Athens and then retire?

IMO this is just a very good start, plain simple but true.

Try on the replay version…