T-Slow's too little, too late journal.

I’ve been lurking on this board since 2004, and finally in October 2007 I admitted to myself that I had to start sprinting because I really love track and field despite my abject lack of natural talent.

I last ran track on the 4 x 100 relay team in grade 8. That was my last race prior to my “comeback” in February of 2008 at age 34.

Here are my bests for 2007-08 and 2008-09 (so far):

2008 indoor 60m: 8.46
2008 outdoor 100m: 12.61 (+0.6)
2008 outdoor 200m: 25.41 (+2.0)

2009 indoor 50m: 7.04 (50m)
2009 indoor 60m: 8.04 (60m)
2009 indoor 200m: 25.69 (200m [lane 3, York])

This year for indoors, my goal was to run 7.96, which I got reasonably close to. Maybe if I didn’t walk around downtown all day and go to a concert the night before my meet, I could have got a little closer! (I won’t do something that silly again)

I’m going to start posting my exact workouts as per a recent discussion with The Mentor himself, Charlie. Hopefully this helps me overcome my sketchy diet, and sometimes half-assed approach to abs and stretching.

I work with a masters coach in Toronto, and our group does two speed days per week, and I have worked up to two tempo days as well, the day after speed. Per Charlie’s advice, I am going to add a third low intensity day focusing on general fitness.

looks good.

What was the concert?

I’ll be following your entries with great interest also - keep up the great work!

My final indoor race was on March 15th. We began our outdoor GPP on March 17th. Listed below are the workouts done on speed days during the first four weeks of outdoor preparation. Tempo was done Wednesday and Saturday of each week, with some additional work done on a fifth day, which is usually Sunday.

The fifth day consists of the following work:
• 2x10x100m jog with easy medball throws
• variety of medball throws against wall
• ab circuit- all featured on GPP download

Outdoor GPP Week 1:
Tuesday March 17: warmup 1, warmup 2, 2x50m backward run, 2x50m straight leg bounding, 3x 20m lunges, 3x20m accel between lunge sets.

Lower body circuit: 3x10x45 lb bar single leg squats (with rear leg on bench), ¾ squat jumps 3x8x10 lbs (light weight, so jump for height), 20 step-ups on box (running motion), 3x8 theraband pull through the leg hip extensions (hard to describe!), 3x30m accel between each set.

Upper body circuit: bench 3x10x115 lbs, pull ups 3x5, incline bench 3x10x95 lbs, bench dips 3x15, dumbbell rows 3x10x35 lbs.

4x80 cool down, stretch.

Wednesday March 18: warmup 1, warmup 2, 2x100m, 4x200m, 2x100m, stretch, ab circuit.

Friday March 20th: track closed- workout on Mondo surface at Variety Village. Warmup 1, warmup 2, 2x10m two foot hops, 2x10m one foot hops, 3x20m lunges, 3x20m accel between sets, 2x50 backward run, 2x50 straight leg bounding, 8x80m (40m walk in between)

Lower body: 3x10x45 lbs bar single leg squats (with rear leg on bench), ¾ squat jumps, 3x10x legs bent 90 degrees reverse hypers, 3x10x straight leg reverse hypers.

Upper body: 3x10x135 lbs bench press, pull ups 3x5, bench dips 3x15, rows 3x10x35 lbs.

Jog, stretch.

Saturday March 21st: warmup 1, warmup 2, 2x100m, 4x250m, 2x100m, stretch, abs.

Ok so I got interrupted by life there from about mid-April to about mid-May, so I didn’t get around to posting my workouts. I will post most of my April, May, and June speed sessions, but will leave out the tempo sessions to save a little time. I plan to make a proper training log once this season is over.

So far outdoors this year things are going pretty OK. I’ve hit a few PR’s, which is good, especially because my races were less technically sound than I would have liked. I plan on taking CF’s advice of going to meets where you are likely to run fast (I’ll be in the hot, sweaty south for part of July, and that should help).

I’ll get the speed sessions up later tonight, along with my race results so far.