T&F Coaching as a business

I am thinking of quitting my full time job and thinking of starting to coach full time. I am however very usure about the business side of T&F. Could the guys who coach full time please share some ideas on payment structures, contracts etc.

I am not a coach and you did say you wanted a coach to respond but i thought i would tell you any ways whats on my mind. First off all of the coches i know either it be high school, college, or professional coaches they all have other jobs although they might be part time jobs they still have something else thats bringing in the money. I mean unless your a national team coach or somthing to that effect and the gov’t is paying your salery or your athletes are paying you enough to maintain a living then go for it, but i mean if its nt an already set contract per say then i wouldnt do it. But then again if your rich and retired and thats what you ant to spend your money on then fire away. But go ahead and talk to who ever is paying you to see if its gonna be enough to live off of before you make any drastic desicions.


I quit my job and started T and F coaching full time 18 months ago. Like others will say, you probably have to find another way to earn some $$ and for me that is through Strength and Conditioning. Check out my web site www.getfastandstrong.com

I guess about 1/3 of my job is now coaching T and F athletes, the other time is spent on a variety of sport related $$ ventures. It’s hard to make decent $$ doing just T and F coaching!

:slight_smile: I’m not rich nor retired. The full time guys around here are all rich and retired. Thanks for the input.

Cheers mate! Had a look at your website, it looks real good. I will steal a few ideas, if you don’t mind.

Conditioning some of the All blacks team, thats awesome!

I was wondering how your prices are so low though. 20/week for an individual athlete under 18 is cheaper then buying one resturaunt meal!

Yep you are right it is cheap for the athletes right now, and I am going to lift my prices soon, but it was just a case of introducing charging here where it used to be done for free!

It’s mainly a numbers game too, get 5 kids to come and pay $20 for an hour session (that they come to once per week) and you have $100 per hour. Not so bad. Even if they come twice per week that still gives you $50 per hour.

I’m mainly doing it for the love of it right now, I’ve done 15 years in another job that I did not enjoy so much…life is short and all that…

Having a private business myself, the key to both financial success and your athlete’s success is a match between price per session and the length of training you want them for. I don’t offer anything for less than 8 weeks now, except in rare occasions. If I have an athlete show up 1x wk for 4 wks, and shows no improvement, then that is a “reflection” of me, even if everyone on this forum knows they didn’t put enough time in. I want every athlete to be a walking, talking billboard for me. If you work with girls, offer rate discounts for brining friends. They most likely will bring one anyway (c’mon, they go to the bathroom together most times!)

It can be profitable, but it may take time too.

Oh so it’s group classes. I was under the impression that was for an hour session with only one athlete! Makes sense :wink:

Very true, as long as your doing what you love. Your training some of the best athletes in the world you should be very proud of yourself!

So how often do you require they come throughout the 8 weeks? 1x? 2x? 3x? / week

I think some things to think about at least on the cost structure deal will be:

What are other coaches in the area charging? What kind of range do these coaches have in terms of market?
Where are you talent/career wise compared to these coaches basically do you have more or less to offer credential wise?

What type of athelets will you be focusing on elite/subelite/scholastic?
What are the demands for such services in your area?
Are you going to be focusing more on one on one contact/group contact/program design?

What types of costs will you have associated with your business?

Do you coach by any chance? If so, would you mind going over how you first got started? I’d appreciate it!

Isn’t that the truth, my girls only group takes at least half an hour longer to finish a session than the guys. :slight_smile:

Do you coach by any chance? If so, would you mind going over how you first got started? I’d appreciate it!

Sorry no coaching here. Still in grad school. Just a business student with a interest in the sport.

In season: 1-2x
Off-season: 2-3x.

It varies on the sport’s schedule.