Any forum members attending the SWIS conference this weekend? Got some great presenters at a reasonable price.
I think we Torontonians were really lucky to have such a symposium in our backyards. Too bad its the last one.


anyone knows is SWIS dvd’s there seminars?

Did you mean if SWIS is going to record this years seminar? I asked Ken Kinakin (the promoter) and havent recieved an answer yet.
I doubt it. Cost to much to produce and people are pretty tight these days.

So I guess no one from the forum is going.WOW

i’ll be there. My first time attending, but from what i’ve seen on the website looks like past conferences were better.

I know Kinakin has a huge video library of past SWIS presentations that he is planning on releasing on DVD. Hopefully, after this year’s seminar is over he’ll have the time to get them ready for release.

I hope he puts everything on dvd too.
I have been informed that this years presentations will be taped.