SWIS Mp3 and Video Files

Has anyone else noticed that the links to the sample mp3 and video files at swis don’t work? They’ve got all of these bad-a$$ speakers and no files!!

Sent an email ages ago and no reply? Webmaster email doesn’t work.

Those mf,
bastards, nothing more than that :mad:


Your avitar of Shawn Craford if friggin disturbing… :slight_smile:

The website folks at SWIS have really let that thing go in the last year or so. There was a time when they were offering videos of most of the past presenters for about $13 apiece (2 presenters per tape). I picked up videos with the likes of Ed Coan giving full demonstrations in all the powerlifts, multiple presentations of knowledgeable therapists demonstrating numerous core building techniques, ART rehab with the founder (Mike Leahy), and of course our own Charlie Francis’ presentation from a few years back, all for about $50 total.

They canceled their seminar last year due to the SARS outbreak in Toronto, and I just don’t think they’ve been the same since, as that was their bread and butter event.

Got to agree there. I think they’ve been watching Total Recall far too much. All they say is 2 weeks, 2 weeks? August I sent them an email - 2 weeks till the store is restocked. Last month same again 2 weeks.

I got the exact same reply. Oh, we don’t have it just yet!! It was 2 weeks 20 weeks ago!!

Joel you hit it on the head.

Try contacting Dr Kinakin directly.

Crawford Vs Crawford from bizarre world,
try to imagine this match !! :eek: