Swimming Coaches!!

Anyone interested in talking about sprint swimming?

I am no longer up to date with the research in the field but from what I did understand, sprint swimming is a combination of stroke rate x stroke length. However when stroke rating increase’s the relative effect of drag is much greater. This is why finding the right balance is vital.

I have one friend who is swim coach and very passionate about swimming… I will call him to join in.
For now, check this

especially this one

A good set of websites there. The ones on Olympic weightlifting area also pretty good.

Yup! Especially ‘Teaching the double knee bend’ from Mike Stone. I used it with great results. even the soccer players learned to clean (oh dear god! :))

I am wondering about the portability of track style preparation of/for sprint swimmers.

Many promising young athletes are chased away from our sport b/c coaches feel that the need to prepare swimmers to train like adults when they are still young.

My concern is that coaches in swimming are too concerned with the ideas of volume and “base” training. It seems like track coaches make every single meter, start or drill have a purpose.

Any thoughts?

You need to practice swimming enough to develop rhythm but I know a few people who train world class athletes for less than 1 hour a day in the pool. There is instead a lot of focus on land based training.

How much base or tempo work would a 200/400m sprinter do during the ages of 13-17? Is the focus on aerobic capacity or anaerobic work?

The focus is on general fitness and speed development upto 150m. Once they have that in place we can consider working on lactic capacity but usually not until 16 at the earliest.

Hey, Topcat-

What about the role of “dry-land” training for swimmers, say in an in-season vs. off season role?
I’d love to see what others are doing for their swimmers…I may be working with ours soon!



this site is awseome

Hey when you say up to 150m is that event work or distances on reps?

Sorry i am trying to think swim and track at the same time.

By Gen. Fitness are you refering to low intensity aerobic or high intensity aerobic (AT, MVO2)?

Also would it be to much to do high rep med ball work on “tempo” days and intense med ball work on speed days with this age group of swimmer?

I really doubt that any elite swimmer spends less than 1 hour a day in the pool. It depends on season/phase, age/experience, and needs, event, but still, unless those people are at the end of their careers, I’d be suprised!