supporting documents

does anyone have any links to research papers on the following topics.

that proves that it infact take 48hours to recover from high intencity CNS workouts.

and that low intensity work like tempo helps recovery.

just having a discussion with a fellow athlete and i want to shove it in his face.

48 hours isn’t any kind of golden standard.

An elite athlete can take up to two weeks to recover from a high stress session.


Im sure you can find plenty of reference in “Supertraining” and “Science and Practice of Strength Training.” If I get a chance later one maybe I will take a look for you.

Your correct.

CNS fatigue and its affects are still very poorly understood.

“The exact mechanism for CNS fatigue remains largely unknown but it appears that acute CNS fatigue may occur as a result of decreased reflex sensitivity and or through less than optimal output from the motor cortex”

It is assummed that training volume and intensity may play a role in this decreased refelex sensitivity, however a lot more research is required before we fully understand CNS fatigue and its implications to training.

so does anyone have any online links for any research on this??