Supplemnt Cost/Benefits

What are your thoughts about the supplement with the best cost/benefits ratio per Sprinter and Player of football?

I really like the supplement with the best cost/benefits ratio per sprinter and player of football. It has some great effects and it tastes good too.


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To answer the question, the first thing to look at is to make sure that your diet is clean. If you are eating right (make sure you get enough protein…if not, a protein supplement may be in order), then ZMA is probably the next thing I would look at.

Clean diet is number one, of course.
i think a good multivitamin would come second.
then you can look into protein and ZMA.

what is the zma,and if glutamine is a good supplemet i saw it in the store and (catabloic aminoacid)was written on it what is catabolic aminoacid and if it useful for 100 and 200 meters sprinter

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I’d say that creatine easily has the best cost/benefit ratio. ZMA and glutamine are good, but cost too much (especially glutamine) for the meager benefits you’ll see - especially if your diet is in order.

I would think (if diet is good) a good protein powder.


Well carbs can be gotten anywhere, but how often can we pick up a good protein source when we’re on the road or caught for time?

I’m not sure creatine is as appropriate for a sprinter and “player of football” (I’m assuming soccer here!) since it tends to add weight and some have reported problems with cramping. YMMV.

Creatine is probably the best C/B supplement out there for strength and bodybuilding aims - but true for sports people I wouldn’t reccomend it.

I haven’t used it in years and with water retention and an increased likely hood of injury the ‘benefits’ for sport are not ‘real’.

Remember also that any benefits from a strength and size view dissappear when you cycle off.

(That said I know one very high profile soccer player in the UK who still uses it.)

Problems with cramping? Benefits of strength and size disappear when you cycle off? Increased likelihood of injury?

Did I get into a time machine and get shot back to 1996? :confused:

I find it hard to beleive that with all the available research on creatine that these statements are still being used.

“with water retention and an increased likely hood of injury the ‘benefits’ for sport are not ‘real’.”

I’ve seen studies that show after three months of creatine use, subjects were showing no significant increase in body water. And these are studies employing the latest in body composition measurements-deuterated water isotopic analysis. Most likely the archaic creatine supplements used back the in the day were loaded with sodium.

Benefits for sport not ‘real’. Please elaborate on that one. I could pull hundreds of studies to debunk that statement.

And as far as cramping goes, there is no direct link to creatine use and muscle cramping or “pulls”, and research shows that creatine doesn’t impair heat regulation during exercise. Results from a study done at the University of Memphis showed no reports of muscle cramping in subjects taking creatine-containing supplements during various exercise training conditions. Among the test subjects were elite junior swimmers, college football players, and trained and untrained endurance athletes.

Kreider R, Rasmussen C, Ransom J, Almada AL. Effects of creatine supplementation during training on the incidence of muscle cramping, injuries and GI distress. J Strength Cond Res 1998;12:275.

And yes, I know you’ll say that creatine doesn’t help sprinters, or might not be ideal for sprinters. But there is even a study done on sprinters (Scand J Med Sci Sports 2001 Apr 11(2), pp96-102). There’s an online link here:

One noticable result was that the 100m sprint times and 60m split times were not statistically different after supplementation with placebo. But creatine supplementation resulted in significant improvements, reducing the 100m sprint time from 11.68 to 11.59secs and reducing the total time of the six intermittent 60m sprints from 45.63 to 45.12secs.

Try and get those results with ZMA or glutamine. :smiley:

i am on creatine and it doesnt cause me any problem i take it 2 months before a major competion i divid the 2 months on 20 days laading 6 gm per day then rest 10 day the then 20 days on mantain 2 gm per day the week before competition i take 9 gm per day to increse creatine level in the body so this period doesnt really let me gain wieght