Supplements via FOODs

I think the most frustrating thing about coaching or advising one regarding supplements is trying to get them to take supplements. I’m coaching on the collegiate level and I have about 8 freshmen athletes who thinks creatine is illegal, so by trying to get them to take vitamins is a big head crusher.

So my question is what are some natural foods can one consume via their diets to get the main BCAA in their systems?

Kenny Mac~~:mad:

Thanks for the reply, looks good.

You would think everyone would know what creatine/BCAA’s is by now.

scratching my head :slight_smile:

Kenny Mac~~

this is going to sound strange from one of the forums “supplement pimps” but i was giving a lecture to some highschool students on wednesday night, and when discussing advertising, public perception, usuable information and the media i said “given a choice between un-informed supplement use and none at all, i would strongly suggest none at all”.

reason being, espically in the american market place, there is so much crap on the shelves (and trace levels of who knows what in products that can lead to health problems and positive drug tests) that someone not in the know, cant tell the difference between GO!, biotest, snac and champion (all brands that are reccomended) and companies like muscle tech, klein-becker, urban biologics, and just be natural.

this way you can educate them on the GOOD products, ease them onto them, and when they feel and see the difference in their performance and health, they will being to trust you and the industry.