Supplements for female sprinters.

I’m new to this site, so please try not to bombard me with too much information at once!! I’m trying to research the basics of supplements from what I need to what I don’t need. Can anyone help or recommend some good products??? Also can someone give me the load down on protein supplements in particular- I’m aware that their different types i.e. some that are better after different types of sessions and some that slower releasing.

Please can someone attempt to educate me!!

Here are a few very general points.

  • Having a good diet is much more important than having good supplements. Someone once said having great supplements along with a poor diet is ‘like building a house out of shitty wood using golden nails’.

  • Good basic supplements include a multivitamin, EFA (essential fatty acids / fish oils / omega-3…), and a good protein powder.

  • Whey protein is digested quickly and is used after workouts. Casein protein is slower digesting and used during other times of the day even before bedtime by some.