Supplements and dosage

This is a similar post to one below. I am currently on creatine, zma, glutamine, protein and amino acids. Firstly is there anything else I should be taking, or is there anything that I’m on that is wasting my money?? As a student, gotta look after the pennies!!! Secondly, what sort of dosage should I be taking? Creatine I heard that more than 5g a day and you waste it, but the tub says to load up with like 20g a day. ZMA is saying 4 capsules before training and 4 before bed, glutamine is saying 10-15g a day, aminos are saying 2 tablets twice a day after food and another 2 after training. Protein I just take directly after training. My goal is obviously to get quicker, but in order to do that I need to improve my strength as it is poor. Obviously that affects what I need to take etc. Any help would be awesome!!! Thanks guys!!!

No need to load with the creatine. ZMA take only at night 30-45 minutes before bed (Im guessing you have the ZMA from EAS, correct?)… BCAA’s during workout; Not too sure about the glutamine dosages though…

my zma is by usn, is the eas stuff significantly better then??? thanks for the advice though.

Daris: :confused:

What does the acronym USN stand for? Are you sure that they are even
selling the authentic ZMA formulation? EAS has no clue what they are doing
with their ZMA HP formula. The dosage should not be split into before
workout and before bedtime. The protocol used during the Western Washington University study was before bedtime ONLY. Does the label say that ZMA is a registered trademark of SNAC System? If not, then this product does not contain the authentic ZMA. Once again, EAS has no clue what they are doing by recommending a split dosage of ZMA. The reason that they probably do this is because there are several additional ingredients that they have added and taking 8 capsules all at the same time is a bit much. EAS is now owned and operated by a large venture capital firm and I think that the CEO used to be with Brunswick bowling balls or something. Find another brand of ZMA to use. Now, Optimum, ProLab, TwinLab and several others are much preferred. :slight_smile:


USN stands for Ultimate Sports Nutrition. It doesn’t say anything about the SNAC system, but I live in the UK, so I don’t know whether that is an American thing, so there would be a different trademark over here. I’ll have a look for those brands you mentioned. Also, do you know anything about the brand reflex? I know Matt Elias uses it and Jamie Baulch too, any info? Is there any supplements I’m missing? I have decided to just use the glutamine, half a teaspoon before training and half after, does that sound right?

yeah EAS ZMA is crap… My friend was taking it and I just looked at the bottle and laughed. Go with ON’s ZMA, Now Foods ZMA, or Biotest’s ZMA… and only before bed!

What makes one brand better than another when it comes to ZMA?? Why would you laugh at EAS ZMA and not at ZMA by Terry Smith Pharm.? Have you got/read some kind of scientific proof/research that certain ZMA products on the market are worse than others? I’m not having a dig here…just trying to get an understanding.

no, I havn’t… but the way they recommended taking it was the off thing to me… 4 capsules before workout and 4 before bed…? why would you take 8 ZMA capsules in one day? That’s why I laughed, not becuz of its formulations or its quality.

Jason … essentailly … the SNAC consortium or group did the research and the results were based on their ‘SNAC-approved’ recipe.

All the details are on a previous thread(s) … but the jist of it is that unless the actual ingredients are the same and of the same quality as the study you won’t get the same benefits … simple as that.

i prefere to buy all ur supplemnts of the same company i will take twinlab take L-glutamine 1000mg ,twinlab amino fuel 2000 each tablet is 2000 mg of protien,also in the ZMA tinlab.but the problem is i dont know the dosage and if u Recommend them tell me please