Supplementation while injured....

When one of your athletes were injured or for some reason or another could not run momentarily, would they still take the supplements that would normally be taken during the season? 716 or Clemson, what about you guys. What would you have your athletes do?

id say yes since it is just momentarily and im assuming you are still lifting so the supplements you are taking would not be a waste. but i am no expert. to help us answer you question maybee it would be a bit of help to use to tell us what supplements you are taking at the moment?

You say “momentarily” - what time period does this refer to: a few days, a week, a month?

An extended lay-off may be a time to give your body a break from supplement use. As Quick says, a list of supplements you are using will help answer this.

I was just thinking (yes it did hurt) that should we change the supplements we use when injured?

Maybe to increas our oxygen uptake, I think it was on anougher thread that donavon bailey was treated with extra oxygen when he injured his achilies.

So maybe if we try and increas our bodys abillity to take in oxygen that will aid the healing process, somethings like pher phos, co-q10 just things that are supposed to increas vo2.

stupid yes!

What do you guys think?

Will increasing the amount of protein we intake help in the rebuild at all?

What about ZMA (for the growth hormone aspect) will speed recoverey?

You should take the ZMA at this point anyway to help reduce muscle tonus. Anything that promotes fluid retention around the injury site should be avoided. As well as eliminating any creatine, you might consider reducing carbs during this period. B vits are also very important when nervous system trauma or stress are encountered.

I know older athletes swear by glucosamine & chondroitin when the injury is tendon related.

Also, an increase of fish/flax oils are also beneficial.

But these are with Masters athletes, I don’t have sufficient feedback with the young bucks.

kind of related to the same topic, does anyone have advice for someone going in for ACL repair? supps, exercise, etc…and advice would be a big help!


Regarding ACL repair, it would be a good
idea to take copper, preferably as sebacate, because lysyl oxidase is
dependent upon an adequate suppy
of copper. Lysyl oxidase is the enzyme that helps to strengthen all of the
connective, ligaments and tendons
in the body. The cross-linking or
basic strength and integrity of connective tissue is highly dependent upon this enzyme. It would be best to have a multi-element analysis performed to determine
copper status and the ratio between
other elements that interact with copper
such as zinc and iron. This would enable you to determine the appropriate dosage and frequency of supplementation. If you are unable to have the analysis performed, then try taking two mg of copper, two times per day (morning and afternoon), for two weeks and then reduce to one time per day thereafter. Too much is as bad as not enough of any element, so be sure not to exceed 4 mg per day of copper for longer
than two weeks. Hope this information will be helpful.

RE: copper

I’d be careful not to go overboard on the ZMA or other zinc supplements, because too much zinc can reduce copper levels.

There are several studies showing that 50 mg of zinc per day can reduce copper levels, but the regular dose of ZMA is 30mg, 20mg for women.


thanks, as usual a very informative post.

when would she start using the copper? she is scheduled for surgury in june, is this something she should start prior (and if so how long before)? how about msm?


I would have her start taking 2 mg of
copper in the morning and 30 mg of zinc at
night one week before the
surgery and continue until two weeks after. There are several British studies
showing that pre and post zinc supplemenation can reduce the healing time of the incision by half. Then, two weeks after the surgery, have her
increase the copper from 2 mg once per
day to 2 mg twice per day (morning and afternoon) for two weeks while continuing with the 30 mg of zinc at night. Then, back to 2 mg per day of copper in the morning and continue with the 30 mg per day of zinc at night.
Hope this information will be helpful.

yes it does help alot! thanks for your input. i will keep you posted on how it is coming along.
Has a load of infomation on the use of copper, tin and other metals for therapy

Dar a-j:

The site has
apparently been taken down. My
understanding is that the FDA ordered
them to shut the site down for making unsubstantiated claims.

There go’s all my research! (muscle media mag).

So what do you know about using metals when recovering, can they be a benefit in muscle injuries (in the bellie part).

I find injuries to the bellie part of the muscle the hardest to recover from.

That’s my question as well. Wouldn’t the same principle apply to muscle injuries as well and which form would you use in each case (oral, topical, etc). Which products? Also what about the timing of administration? How far away from ZMA, or does it matter if doses are matched?

Would increased msm or something similar encourage blood flow or circulation?

My achiles tendon hurts after I play basketball, should I take joint fuel?

therapy and begin rehab asap.check out why the achilles is hurting.are your calfs tight,do you need orthodics.glucosamine is good for repairing tendons but that alone will do **** all