Supplementation advise

Happy New Year to everyone!

Can somebody advise me about supplementation?

One of my boys (Stefan Tseng) was 4th at the World Youth (Ostrava) in triple jump last year, he is going to be 18 this feb, and i’m thinking of start giving him some supplements.
Last year he was taking B-comlex only
Are ZMA, Nitrix, CEX, BCAA safe to use and how to use them?


Many of these supplements have been discussed plenty. You didn’t mention any useage of supplemental EFA’s, Meal Replacement/Protein blend, or Post-Workout recovery drink. Get the basics down first. I would say NO to the Nitrix and CEX, if you want to use a creatine mono product just buy plain creatine monohydrate. 2-5g/per day should be enough. Biotest sells a pretty cheap version at ~13 dollars for 100 servings.

Ok thanks WR

I agree…get the basics first then you can build on them with what I call complimentary supps.

Basics for me would include:

Whey Protein
Post Training protein formula
Multi Vits and Vit C

I’ve tried Nitrix and wasn’t impressed. I didn’t see much gains interms of strength. I’ve gone back to the basics with a normal Creatine Mono and have seen improvements almost immediatley.

Hope that helps.

#1 Fish Oil

Thank you jason and no23

b4 u buy anything make sure to do your research so u dont end up wasting your money