Supplement Company's

I have come to one conclusion. Each company has bad products. And almost all company’s have their signature products and their top sellers. I would like to hear some more diversity with companys that have good products out there. I think we are focusing on one or two of these companys too much. Lets broaden the horizon and start a list of good products rather then focusin more on the companys.

Ill start it…

  1. Eas Simply Creatine
  1. EAS simply protein
  2. Prolab Whey Concentrate

proteins without the extra questionable bling and great extra cost

  1. Maxim plain maltodextrin

when all you need is energy or insulin spike - no flavour, no electrolytes or other nutrients, no great cost

Sorry if I was only aloud one go :wink:

I think the focus should be on taste, cost, availability, etc.

Do you eat cold cereal? which brand? <insert answer here> you will notice that people have preferences, and as long as they can buy it conveniently, time after time.

Customer loyalty is a BIG thing, and people don’t mind paying a few bucks more to get their favorite brand.