Superbowl Winner..whos it going to be?

Who will win the superbowl?

Dunkin Donuts over Krispie Kreame

I have to go with the Panthers. I think they have more desire to win it. And I hate the Patriots. :slight_smile:

Hi Members,

I’d be happy to part with a nice prize pack for the lucky winner(s) that post the winning score here in this thread BEFORE the game starts Tommorrow.

Panthers 21 - 7.

Patriots 24-14

Patriots 21-13

Panthers 17-10

Patriots 34…Carolina 17. Pats win again and I put on my new costume made patriots superbowl hat on once again.


Could there be a draw… :o

Pats -20
Panthers - 10

Patriots 17-14

Dr.Sprint was mistaken for Tom brady in new jersey turnpike rest stop, keep that in mind.


Patriots 28 - Panthers 14

35 to 27 panthers win.

Dr.Sprint would loose to Drew in a 40!

Patriots 16 - 13

Panthers 35, Patriots 24

Pats 31-17

26 - 10 pats

i want the carolina panthers to win so i’ll be rooting for them