super bowl predictions?

with the big game around the corner, any have any super bowl predicitons?


tampa bay 21
oakland 35

this is an exibition, not a competition, please no wargering!!!:wink:

I think the raiders will win. Im not much of fan since they are rivals with the pats. I predict by at least two touchdowns.

My prediction-

3 Yawns
and 1 Snore…


Coolcolj not a fan of either teams playing?


books are only boring if you cant read.

Being an Aussie, NFL is about as Alien as ET :baddevil::

Col, I used to thing that game was as boring as hell too. But… I have been watching the Fox coverage at 8:30PM on Mondays and they cut out all those infernal delays and give continuous action. Its actually not too bad a game. My wife has been explaining the rules to me as it goes (get back off the floor Nighty!)

Now that I have been able to watch it without getting bored with all the delays I am almost at the level where I will be able to watch the super bowl tomorrow morning. I have picked a team to support - Tampa :smiley:

I am from Scotland, and as we have had decent coverage of the NFL for some years now, so I am a bit of a fan now.

I like the Broncos, but, always have had a soft spot for the Raiders.

So I am hoping the Raiders win.

(PS - It is easy for me to like 2 NFL teams, but, when it comes to liking soccer teams, then that is a different story)


Superbowl: Bucaneers.

NRL: Warriors
Super 12: Blues

Sorry Aussie guys. :frowning:

gotta go with the Bucs. (sorry to say that being a Cleveland Browns fan hasnt paid off since the late 80’s)

i want romo #53 to get his 5th ring too.

Im pulling for the older guys, lol

gotta go with the bucs!
Sapp himself said “He can do anything but give birth.”
How could they lose:D

I am a New York Giants fan, but they got put away early. So if I back anybody, it’s going to be the Raiders.

all about the ‘D’ bucs

20-17 somthing like that

Gannon throws the winning touchdown to Rice on a final march down the field, in Montana-like fashion. :clap:

Don’t belive the hype!
BUCS WIN!:clap:

I heard that since Warren just got the ring, now he is thinking about tackling the 400 Hurdles. :D:D:D

Is it to late to make a prediction of who’s going to win.

I was personally hoping for tampa to win.

But Raiders got a belting by the undersized tampa team.

I’m an aussie and it’s the first time I’ve watched the game. But I was looking at some of the players and gee some of them look in pretty good shape.