I prepare meat and especially fish in sunflower-oil.
Does anyone know how this compares nutrition-wise with olive-oil etc.?
It only costs a forth of the price of olive-oil and I’m a poor student…

I personally dont use sunflower or canola oil. I get polyunsaturated oil from fish and omega 3 tablets and monounsaturated oil from mixed nuts and olive oil.

Furthermore, I would never cook food in a polyunsaturated oil and would cook food in olive oil only if I had to…I have coconut oil for that, and a george forman grill so I dont have to use oil.

I would save the extra and use olive oil on your salad and give the sunflower oil to someone you dont like :wink:

Extra Virgin Olive Oil will be superior as it will not have been raped of its goodness by being treated at high temperatures.