Sunday 8/15/05 Training

I was “in traffic” yesterday, baby! That term came from this cat that ran track at Berkeley High School, north of Oakland, CA after hearing that my 100 meter relay team ran 40.98 only to be DQ’d after I tossed the baton in the air. I committed this act AFTER crossing the line and running all the way around to the back-stretch. I didn’t know such a rule existed and besides, the race was way over! I felt bad for the 2 seniors but they were going to the State Campionships anyway, in the 100 (10.38 pb), 400 (47.40 pb). The other senior-Long Jump (25+ feet) and expected to do well.
I was still had another year to… getting back to the task at hand- my training sunday

So, not only was I moving faster for certain but I added a 3rd cycle to my hills and felt pretty darn good throughout. I also looked at the fact that my weight session afterwards was less than expected due to, I believe, a more depleted CNS. I just remembered what Charlie said about increased intensity with sprints and it’s effect on your weight sessions. I just did what I could.

One change in made to weights is to perform squats first. Usually I did them after bench but it made more sense to squat before my legs/hip started to tighten up a bit.

190 pounds yesterday. I hope to be around 185 by the time I start my flat track work and a few more weeks.

Warm up (basically warm up 1&2)
3x 60 meter easy strideouts (synth grass)
3x 10 meter starts (3-point stand) I’m finding that I have add a few progressively exposive movements (starts) before I go to the hill to better prepare my legs.

3x(6x 40 meters)- 3.5 min rest; 6 min/ set
BCAA liquid form 1 hr into training
cool down jog and walk 400 meters
stretch and self massage
BCAA again

1x 10 reps- 135 lbs
1x 5 reps- 135 lbs
1x 8 reps- 225 lbs
1x 5 reps- 245 lbs (whatever)
Stiff Legged Deads-
1x 10 reps- 135 lbs
1x 10 reps- 225 lbs
1x 10 reps- 225 lbs
Reverse Leg Press Machine-
1x 6 reps- 100
1x 6 reps- 150
1x 6 reps- 150
Bench Flat-
1x 12 reps- 95 lbs
1x 8 reps- 95 lbs
1x 3 reps- 275 lbs (felt like way heavy)
1x 4 reps- 305 lbs
1x 4 reps- 305 lbs
Hammer Strength Back Row- Plate Loaded
1x 10 reps (one arm at a time) 3-45 pound plates.
stumbled out of the gym… feeling like an athlete again.