Summer Training Plan

I’m a 6’4"+ 270 pound tight end at a small school. My “stats” are as follows:
28-30" vertical jump
390 Squat
280 Bench
4.95 40 yard dash
-I have very above average reactivity, coordination, and flexibility. I am fairly explosive despite the fact that I’m carrying around an excess of bodyfat and have very poor relative strength. I also have extremely long limbs for my height with a 6’11" armspan.

My training goals are as follows:
-develop technical proficiency with my route running, catching ability, and run blocking
-improve relative strength by dropping bodyfat and improving max strength
-improve general “explosive” ability and sprinting speed

Dropping bodyfat is probably the biggest thing, I’ve been dieting for a while now but have stalled recently. I believe I am undernourished considering my activity level. I’m taking steps to correct that and get the fat loss back going.

Here is an outline of my weekly plan for May - mid July

Sun: “Hi” -> AM: accel
PM: Upper weights (ME bench variation, assistance work for back and arms)

Mon: “Lo” -> tempo or position specific prowler/sled work

Tues: “Hi” Lower weights (ME Squat, assistance work)

Wed: “Lo” Upper weights (Med ball toss, chin ups, assistance work)

Thurs: “Lo” tempo and skill work

Fri: “Hi” AM: sprints
PM: lower weights (ME seated jump, med ball OH toss from ground, etc., assistance work)

Our camp does not start til late this year, so I’ll be focusing on conditioning later in the year. I feel like my plan is fairly sound, but I’d like anyone’s advice who is willing to offer it. Thanks.

Why not moving Friday’s workout earlier in the week (Wednesday or Thursday)? Just a personal preference, but I wouldn’t like two sprint workouts within 3 days with nothing in between (e.g., tempo). The rest could be adjusted accordingly, I suppose, if needed. Others?

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I could just swap Thurs and Fri, and I think it would work very well.


Good luck with your training. Please remember, though, your goal #1 :develop technical proficiency with my route running, catching ability, and run blocking

will only be developed by practicing football!

Many times atheletes will practice routes, etc., without the watchful eye of a coach, and will actually impede their progress by not practicing their skill as it is to be done during football practice!

What plan does your school have,or is it “every man for themself”?

devils: We are given workout booklets for the summer (most of our team does not stay on campus as my school does not offer summer courses). The program is laughable though as I’m sure you can imagine: miles worth of “sprints” every week, oly and power lifts to failure, no skill work, etc.

As for my technique development, my main gains have come from studying the movements I’m trying to make and figuring out how to do them as efficiently as possible. I also try to watch a lot of NFL film, and that has helped a lot. However, I’m confident in how this has helped me as I have made tremendous gains during spring practice. I know nothing replaces expert personal coaching though, I just don’t have access to any. :o

thanks for the kind words!


Where (what state, city?) do you go to school? Perhaps we can find a place to conduct your training at a more “enlightened” venue?..

Where I’m going to be doing my weight training this summer is a pretty good gym. All the necessary equipment (racks, med balls, platforms, ghr, rev hyper, kettleballs, etc.) and plus pretty much everyone who trains there is a competitive athlete so the atmosphere is intense. I’m going to be doing my running at a local stadium.

There are some other facilities in the area, but from what I know of them they’re very expensive and offer cookie cutter programs for every athlete no matter age, experience, talent, etc.