Summer 400m Prep

This looks fine. You should still think about cycling in and out of weeks biased towards speed development followed by a week or so biased toward strength development.

Re: Tech drills - It’s better to do drills when fresh but its always good to do drills if they’re done well. Some drills can certainly be used as a way of warming down…

Yea, thats what im planning to do. One week based on that, and another based on mostly weight training and plyos.

… and speed, you mean! :wink:

i suppose some of the elements can be rotated on a bi-weekly, let’s say, cycle; just to give yourself more time to adjust to things and realise the improvements before moving to something else, a different focus

anyway, good luck!
let us know!

Yep, here’s what i came up with last night for my 2nd microcycle.

Monday: Speed Work / Weights
Tuesday: Tempo
Wednesday: SE Runs; (3x200m) / Weights
Thursday: Tempo
Friday: Speed / Weights
Saturday: Long Jump Technique Work

I was planning to do: Squat, Bench, Power Clean during lifting days. But during this cycle, i’ll do more, such as GHR, Reverse Hyper. I will alternate between this and the microcycle.

By the way, seeing as most good 400m runner have a good 200m background, should i emphazie my training more on 200m first? Then slowly build up to a 400m workout. Or stick with the template that i have right because it kinda look like a 200m workout except w/o that many speed sessions. But my 2nd week made up for that. Hm i think i just answered my own question.

I seemed to have forgotten 1 aspect, and that is med ball exercises. Should they be included for a 400m runner? If so, how heavy should the medball be?

I guess I would try and get the most out of my <200 m speed before specialising to 400 m. If the special endurance runs are done properly, with the right speed basis there, you should progress in this aspect, too, quite nicely. It might take a few more races, but I think/hope the end result will be better!

As for Med Ball exes, of course, you can use them and apart from the acceleration drills, I would also concentrate -if not more- on core exercises, as they will help you a lot during the latter part of the race.

Perhaps KitKat has some more detailed suggestions…

Hi Oni & all,

I never used med ball much but I think if I was coaching seriously today and had the spare money to purchase a few I would get some.
I see them as useful for upperbody plyometric activities. They’re a good little load. I reckon they’d be better put in place for throwers, but you can see the same general application applied to develop sprint starts. Of course medball is also used to additionally load up during core exercises, all those sit-ups with twists etc. CF’s GPP video is very good in that area. It actually inspired me to get out on the local park and do some exercise to help myself.
kk :o

I see that medballs vary in weights. About how heavy should the medball be if i were to use it for core training?

I suppose 4-6 kg?
Or build it up, if you have access, or can afford it.

Not 100% sure about the figures above, others?

Sorry but im unfamiliar with the SI units, is that suppose to be around 8-10lb?


More like 10-13 lbs, Oni

I see, oops :stuck_out_tongue: , since im on a budget here, i guess i’ll start off with something around 10lb, so that way it cant be too heavy or too light.

No problem! :wink:

That should be a good start, yes!

When’s the best time to incorporate medball drills? During tempo sessions? Or should i do it the same time i do plyos?

I suppose, the later on in the season, the more you have to combine “all” high intensity elements on the same session; just be careful of volumes! As you are a jumper, too, right? So, plyos will more for you…

If, however, med ball work refers to core work, whenever you can/want; it’s low intensity work and it doesn’t really matter (e.g., on tempo days, after a track session, etc).

Hope it helps!

Thanks niko u certainly made things clearer.

By the way, when performing 400m workouts, such as the 3(2x200m) and etc, should i wear my spikes or just a regular shoe? Normally i wear spikes only when i perform sprint workout, but should i in this case?

As you’ve got this problem with your heel at the moment, I would be careful with wearing/using spikes; you sure need to be used to your spikes for longer distances, but this won’t help if your heel is more irritated.

Try them on grass, or on the track and flats first (adjust times accordingly) and wait for the response the next few days. Then take it from there…

Let us know!