Sucralose steps up attack

Just thought many of you would be interested in a new lawsuit protecting Splenda. I am sure many of you have strong thoughts on the use of such sweeteners.

In response to rapidly declining sales the Sugar Association has been on a PR campaign to discredit the safety and efficacy of Sucralose. The Bakery Associations have also been on a similiar rage as well.

Well on Feb 7 Johnson and Johnson filed a federal lawsuit against the Sugar Association for unspecified damages and to injunct the “smear tactics” as they were referred to. Currently Sucralose, which is roughly 1% splenda and 99% maltodextrin, comprises roughly 50% of the non-calorie sweetener market. Sales jumped from lowly $65 million in 1999 to a blissfull $346 million on 2004. So McNeil Nutritionals, who distributes Johnson and Johnson’s baby has a lot to fight for.

As many of you have experienced the fantastic abilities of Sucralose in nutritional drinks, you know that it is fantastic. But we really do not have a difinitive answer however on safety, and that is what the Sugar Association was attempting to point out.

PS- New Stevia production, which is an herb with no calories and is exceptionaly sweet, have made the once bitter aftertaste of this product completely disappear! Although any mention of utilizing it as a sweetener in a product is a no-no and will get the FDA’s attention quickly, stevia is at least extremely safe at levels 10,000 times the typical dose for months and years on end. Maybe regulations will change in the future and stevia can take a bite out of Splenda’s sales.

Splenda is 99% maltodextrin and 1% sucralose, correct.