Submaximal or maximal?

Hallo! Should a person do both submaximal/maximal velocity sprint in season or do max sprint offseason/preseason and than just 70%sprint in season? By the way I am 18years old soccerplayer.


If you are sprint training, keep the intensity at 90% or greater. I would be inclined to keep the sprint training in the program during the season and just adjust the volume to suit what you can handle.

70% is not a sprint…it qualifies as tempo.

thanks for the reply! Ok, i will do maxvelocity sprint on leg days then but i not sure if I should do it directly after my leg/hams workout or if i should do it 4-10h before my strength workout or after my strength workout?

And isn´t it good to do 70%running whre you focus on correct running mecanism for acceleration? Becuase I on Coach Davis book he had a drill where you build up to 70% for 15yard,maintain it for 45yard and than decelerate for 15yard. What do you think about that?

Thank you very much!

You can’t perfect technique running at 70% velocity! You wouldn’t have enough extention etc. However, the 70% you describe might be an effort judgement (a top sprinter running at 95% of his best time might feel like he’s taking a walk in the park) though I doubt you’d be getting up much of a head of steam after a 15m acceleration.
As for your earlier question, you don’t perfect speed in the off-season and then DE-TRAIN from it with 70% runs in season!

Okey, but is it any benefits of doing build ups,intensity variation drills etc for acceleration? Or should I do flying sprints,upp hill traning instead?

And one thing I have wondered for a long time is if a person should do plyometric on off season? Now I am in season and we have 3weeks left untill it is over. My next soccerseason starts april next year but before that we have indoor soccer in december. I didn´t do any leg strength work at all in the summer(12weeks) but I did plyos,sprints and upperbody work(I couldn´t find a gym when I was in turkey) through the vacation.Now I have begin with my leg work(4 week ago) and my squats goes up all the time, should I continue to build up my strength september/maybe october out and then add some plyos or should I wait with them to Februari next year(to peak for the outdoor soccer season,starts in April)


If an exercise is worth doing (plyos for example) it is probably worth doing all the time…at appropriate volumes! If you are pulling things out and putting them back in, you will likely make less progress and have difficulties with soreness and technique stabilization.

So you say that I should do plyos on both in season and offseason,but when should i do them? Should I do them on leg days or 2-3day after/before to not affect CNS? What do you think about this?

Monday: Legs/abs/calves(hamstrings too,not to failure) and sprints

Tuesday: Practice with team(try to take it easy here after leg day)

Wednesday: Cleans/Snatches/over head squat/deadlifts(not to failure), plyometric

Thursday:Practise with team(my own agility training for 15minutes after my soccertraining,oftenly agility ladder or cone drills)

Friday: Abs,Benchpress and some agility training(light)

Saturday: Soccergame

Sunday:Off(maybe i do some sprint form)