Sub 12 100m again!

Def post some videos. But remember this we can only give you critique on one video on one day. You need someone to watch you and give you feed back daily. Kinda tough when your by yourself. Read Charlie’s Key Concept Elite. That to me is Charlies best work. It’s like a brain dump for sprinting. Awesome… You could do just fine for indoors with a 70m track.

Thanks! Ill check it out.

I have one meet left. A 100m the 18th of september. I have a simple plan for this winter. Focus on the 60m, hopefully lower it to 7.4HT, and squat 140kg (315lbs)
Im thinking 6-10 submax 60m runs 2x wk.

I’d be thinking more along the lines of 3x60 flat out twice a week, with some slow 150’s in between…

Only 70m indoor track available. Ill do the last 3 at full effort.
Dont you do more work at full intensity in one session hornblower? 180m total sounds light

It’s more about quality than quantity, I reckon. You want each run to be achieving new levels of speed. Take 5min rests and increase the volume gradually.

For longer runs, find some grass somewhere…

If your nervous system can tolerate it, you can use sets of 3-4x60m as split runs of course! No need for grass if it’s cold out.

Split runs? like 3x3x60m or are you talking about EFE, FEF?
BTW Do you use flying start for the FEF?

sat: 4x80m 95% 3x300,400


mon: 6x20m flying
squat 2x90, upperbody

last 100m race sunday!

quick question - what were you training on saturday? speed, speed endurance, or general fitness/recovery??

I started a 800m challenge at the school I work, so I wanted to get a feel for the tempo required. Pluss it was freesing and windy so I cut down on the speed work. Speed and tempo in the same workout not optimal I guess.

Yes, I’m talking about split runs as in the sample CF short to Long program (4x4x60, or 3x4x60).

For FEF I do a forward roll from a crouch start (e.g. the crouch start the athlete is using on the 10 Day Taper video, or on the GPP video). I remember Charlie stating that block starts are harder on the nervous system than a rolling start from a crouch, so I limit them a little bit.

I’m pretty sure that’s the case. I think I remember charlie saying that if you do thw two in one session they sort of dampen the effect of each other…

I would sure like to see some research on this issue. I know 800m runners who do 60m/80m sprints to top of their workouts.

tues/wex: rest

thur:3x30m blocks
3x70m, 60m 8.1


sat:4x25m blocks relaxed

Meet tomorrow, 100m

good luck…

thanks, man!

Getting ready for the race, 9C (48F) degrees, pouring rain, I think I won but the timing system didnt work. Had to wait around soking wet 10min for a restart. Won the race but no time again,so I went home. Thats it this year!

What a downer. It’s a shame you didn’t get a time, but at least you got a win under your belt…

Kinda annoying going into the blocks thinking " wonder if this run will be timed" But I pretty much know where Im at.
My 60m race indicate 12.6. I was trailing after 40m in a field full of mostly 13sek runners so Ill have to get my acceleration back into place. My favorite thing to work on :slight_smile: