Sturrup Rome 2004

Managed to squeeze them into a small size.
For mine the top female sprinter of the moment. Finally running her own race and really holding it together.

Great core strength, head position, body angle, arm movement and hip height.

Animated slow

Animated super slow.

Do you think she is pushing out the back just a little?

Very good step-over mechanics. Particularly with backside properties as noted.

Her left foot looks like she is landing on her heel (ouch not good) and her right foot seems fine, landing on the balls of her feet (proper)

Though the film makes it looks a bit that way, the stills show that the foot strike is fine.
dcw: I agree on all points.

SloMo and angles sometimes creates funny illusions. Her structure means that she’ll always be back side to some extent. I think this is where a lot of coaches go a little awry. There’s a lot of females that will always have a bit of backside, especially those of West African descent and we have to accept that this is the optimal sprint position for them. So long as they can get their hips high enough and not overstride then so be it! They were blessed with those glutes for a purpose :slight_smile:

Marion is quite a different structure (mixed race), and is much more front side, quite simply because this is what works for her.

I think a lot of coaches look at Marion and say “that’s how my athlete should run”, but unless they are built like Marion, its just not going to work.

Anyway stay tuned… I’m going to post the whole race its such a good one…

OK, I’ve stuck it on my own FTP site which means I’ve had to delete everything else because I’ve done it in 640x480 25fps. So if some things have gone missing, this is why!

It really is a great race.

Sturrup ran the world leading time, Edwards a PB and Hurtis a Seasons Best.

Edwards looks really good. She seems to be putting all together nicely.

White’s start and transition is not what it should be. I think she may be pysched out by Sturrup? Or may be carrying a niggle which is reflected in her first few steps?

Ferguson starts and transitions nicely but her rhythm seems off when she hits top speed.

Felix has an interesting starting style! I think she is more of a 200 girl. Pops up way too soon but finishes strongly.

Merlene is not Merlene.

I think Campbell was so caught up in beating Merlene (I’m sure there’s a bit of history there) that she paid the price.

Kislova seems to be a Thannou in the making though very tight.

Anyway… It’s nearly 8M so be patient!

Right click and select Save Target As.
It is saved in a zip file.
The actual video is in MPEG format which is also MAC friendly.

Originally posted by Charlie Francis
Though the film makes it looks a bit that way, the stills show that the foot strike is fine.
dcw: I agree on all points.

I hadn’t noticed a resemblance until now on the slo-mo but Sturrupo’s action and postrure remind me a bit of Evelyn Ashford, with the backside out and the hand seemingly turned palm down in the down-and-back sweeping motion (most noticeable right arm). I actually don’t think the step-over is all that special, the free foot slides across the support knee - not above it. But it’s obviously good enough to let her go 10.89 so far.