stupid 91-storey race

TAIPEI, Oct 17 DPA - Taipei 101, the world’s tallest building, will hold its second annual run-up on Sunday with participants climbing 91 floors and 2,046 steps, it was announced today.
Paul Crake of Australia and Andrea Mayr of Austria will aim to defend their 2005 titles in the upcoming event, but they face strong competition from other foreign racers, like Thomas Dold of Germany and Rudolf Reitberger of Austria.
Dold, 21, was the winner of the Empire State Building race in 2006, while Reitberger that race up the famous New York City building in 2004 and 2005.

Well when you don’t have any hills how about that for a GPP workout!

Anyone remember Dr Delano Merewether? (think that’s how he spelled his name).

He was a haematologist who lived in the city and often worked until after dark, so he said he sometimes was only able to fit in training by running the stairs in his apartment building.

The guy was flamboyant, wore braces to hold up his tights. And he won a US indoor sprint title, maybe more…around the 1970s.

Wonder what became of him. Trapped in some stairwell somewhere with a quad cramp :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone on this site used stairs for training at one time back in the seventies…