studying in a foreign country

i’ve take my degree in spor science one year ago (here the 1st level of university il 3 years long)

now i’m in a 1st level master about “personal training”, organized by the university of rome and the italian WL federation. it’s not bad but i’m looking for something else.

the point is that on december i could enter the 2nd year of specialzation via master, but i don’t know if i’m intrested in that.
i’d like soooo much to study in another country.

i’ve been in france and spain and i’ve seen that sport science is very well organized, al least in comparison w italy one…

the BIG difference is that in these countries it’s so much easyer to work w sportsman. here we have only football and is very difficult to live working with that…

i’m looking for the best courses/masters/PhD in the US, canada or australia.

do anyone work/study in a sport science university?

any suggestion is well accepted, even via PM if you prefer

thanks a lot

Baiolo, if you speak German the Sport Science Institute in Cologne ( highly recommended to me by Dr. Issurin as was the Sport Science Institute in Australia (

Additionally, I have a friend who recently received his masters from the National Sports Academy in Sofia ( and I am very impressed with the level of specialized study he received with his masters curriculum and degree being “High Achievements in Track and Field Sprint Events”

Since I am from Germany, I can only agree with what James said and tell you that the Institue in Cologne is top notch. If you consider going there you should start informing soon, because they require their prospective students to take a test before they are allowed to start studying there. The test itself is usually 1-3 month before the semester starts and consists of a physical prepardness and sports understanding practical test, meaning you have to meet certain strength standards (in ie the pull-up) and be able to play multiple sports.

i know a phisio wo was from sofia too and he told me that the sport science university was the most difficult of all the others.

for he was very easy to enter because he was a Master of Sports in greco-roman wrestring.

i’m very intrested to study in one of the ex-urss country, because i know that they are very good in this field of study.

cologne would be a little problem: i know english and french and learn german will be difficult.

what about that australia university?

johon did you recived my mail/PM?

has anyone some advice?

Improve your english

Depends on who is teaching and what athletes are being produced (which you could then see in training), etc. Hard to say.

thanks, i know my english is not so good

what do you mean charlie?

please james can you give me via pm the contacts of this friend.

what do you think about the AIS?