stride length increase

Although every one knows methods how to increase stride length to a 100-200 sprinter I would still like ask the forum to give its favorite exercises and methods to develop this ability of a sprinter to its optimal.

If proper flexibility and technique are inplace the only option is an improvement in power.

Please become more specific. Also lets take an example of an athlete who has no proper technique (average) and a decent flexibility (no one is pefect…)

To improve power is the cherie on the pie. Before power you have to establish a minimum strength basis…

Lunges and Bounding.

I do lunges twice a week. 4 sets of 15 reps. I’ve found that this has helped me increase my range. Also Crab Squats…excellent for making the hip flexors strong.

stride lenght is improved by increasing the amount of force which you apply to the ground.this reaction drives the bodys COM farther forward thus lenghtening the stride the more power the greater SL leading to overall faster sprints.

linarski on your last question-a person with average mechanics and decent flexibilty.well mechanics can be improved and so can flexibilty soo both will go hand in hand thus leading to better SL providing other factors are in place.

what are crab squats??

stairs and uphill running sounds nice…

Jason - what sort of weight are u using in ur lunges ?

Shallow hill sprint, (not stairs), flexability, good technique and rythm,
strong mid-section and everything else.



1- avoid a low recovery of the swing leg, as it will increase breaking
& reduce stride length. This techiqued is used after a sprinter has passed the finished ling inorder to slow down.

2- the speed of release is the most important component when determining stride length, this in turn is determined by ground forces exerted by the extension of the hip, knee, ankle.

3- A conscious effort to increase stride length results in a reduction in stride frequency, a increase in one parameter comes at the expense of another.

I’ve only just seen this subcribed thread!

Ok… GPP phase 80kg (inc olympic bar) lunges. I sometimes do it on the Smith Machine as I can then concentrate on getting the depth without thinking too much about the weight. SPP i’ll lighten the load pre-comp to 50kg including the bar.and go for reps of 5 on each leg over 3 sets.

Yo Quik, crab squats are basically wide stanced squats. Your feet are placed wider than normal giving the appearance when at the bottom of the lift of a crab. :smiley: Very good I find for the hips. Try them Quik and tell me what you think and how your legs felt. :wink: