Stretching starting from 0

I am pretty sure that I am not the only one with a lack of stretching but when is trying to improve the state, this lack of stretching is making things more complicated.

During some years I have tried to improve that problem as a 400m runner. Right now, if I try to put my hands into the ground without bending my knees, I am more or less 20cm far from it.

Although I have tried several times to improve it, I am pretty sure that I haven’t been working correctly in that sense. Could somebody provide a general schedule to follow and help with the stretch? What muscles do we have to stretch and in what order? When is the best moment to stretch? Is it better to stretch more than once a day? For example, after the training, and before going to sleep…

Thanks a lot!

I think the best tips I can give you is simply to buy the book stretch to win by Ann Frederick.

Couples of new concepts to me and good undulated stretching who almost look like AIS, but I get much more results from It.

After years of frustration, I am beginning to really increase my flexibility instead of becoming tighter and tighter.

I have also found that this method of stretching seems to free some trigger points and scars. Awesome results so far.

Hi adonail,

Thanks for the tip and the book. I will check how it is.

There is a place online where you can “rent” the streaming Stretch to Win video for like $10 or so. If you care, let me know and I’ll dig it up.

edit: eh I was close. it’s the authors’ other product and it’s $4