Stretching and supercompensation

Hey guys a quick question :

 Just wondering if stretching follows the same principles as lets say weight lifting and sprinting or any type of training where there is a compensation period so there is a possiblity that resting a day between a pretty intense stretch is of greater benefit then stretching every day intensly. I.e. One hour a day of 1 minute holding of stretches. 


From my experience i can say yes,
if you stretch every day, you´ll get benefit from that, but, every time i go deep on stretching i got soreness on muscles and tendons and then i need a 48h to be back.

So after the 48 hours you have recovered and have greater flexibility???

“Recoveries” from deep stretch are a little different from weight work recovery, because of tendons i guess.
Sometimes, i need more than 48/72h to be free of pain, but you can still be doing the superficial stretch even with soreness.
What i used to do is something like this:
mon: deep stretch
tue: superficial stretch
wed: deep stretch
thu: sup. stretch
fri: deep stretch
sat: sup. stretch
sun: no stretch
Of course, this is not a pattern/rule.

Flying does your stretch routine coincide with your workout rutine. For example do you do your high intensity days and deep messages on the same day, then do your low intensity and superficial message on the same day? Also are these self messages, or is some else doing?