what’s that “BAND” along the thigh? is it the ATL BAND?

ifso how do you strecth it and how hard, or ligh should you strecth it…everyday?

it is like a muscle? :help:

IT Band. You should incorporate stretches for this (as well as other muscle) as part as your daily routine. I like micro-stretching for this area.

i agree with dlive, IT band gets alot of indirect work in micro stretching. because of the compostion of the IT band, there isnt alot of flexibility to be gained in the band itself but if you stretch the glutes and TFL, the IT band will lossesn right up.

for direct workon the IT band, i think rolling the band along on of those big foam rollers can help.

I find the problem with some ways of stretching the ITB is that you can’t really feel the stretch (well, I can’t). However, with the microstretching, I can actually feel it, however slightly, during the stretch, and can definitely feel the difference after the stretch.

Agree all of above, especially the N-man. Have a look at the IT Band, its not a muscle, it gets pulled by the muscles attached to it.

I am now going to don my Clemson proof forcefield.