a friend that runs 11.26 FAT on the 100m and 48.66 FAT on 400m, he is 16, started doing weights recently and wanted to get near his max. He does almost near parallel around 80-85 not 90 degree for parallel, he weighs 150lbs, and did 5 reps at 300 on his second attempt a few days later on getting heavy at squats, he says he did’nt feel much soreness the next day. He does’nt look big must be functional muscle. Heh i lift a max of 295 and weigh 170, but i started in august at 185lbs on squat so im still weak. But his feat is impressive nonetheless it would be even more impressive if he went all the way down but his ankles are fucked right now. Is it just genetic for him to acquire such strength. Or the running has developed his legs so well?

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I dont think its soley due to running. I have a friend (also 16) who goes 10.9 100, 22.2 200, and 50.9 400 (handtimes) and he cant squat anywhere near that amount.