Strength Training and Badminton

I was approached by a badminton coach who was looking for advice on improving the strength & conditioning of a 16 year old female athlete of his.

She is, apparently, of international standard for her age group but hasn’t hasn’t started any form of structured strength & conditioning work (read: weights, pyos, med ball, circuits etc.). The coach noted that her opponents who have begun to use weights/ plyos etc. have begun to leap-frog her predominately through superior speed, strength and jumping power.

Her coach has very little idea on how to put together a strength & conditioning programme and asked me for some input.

How would forum members suggest structuring such a programme? Remember:

  • 16 year old female
  • No prior experience of work of this nature

Appreciate any suggesstions. I have a few ideas but like to hear the opinions of forum members first.

Number2 - you out there, man? This should be right up your street!

Thanks. :slight_smile: